Passports only if you get the 3rd shot?

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    So will this end up in annual boosters to keep your “passport” active?

    Heading in that direction.

    Israel hints that vaccine passports will in the future only be given to those who’ve had boosters


    I don’t know if they will be able to keep it up on a yearly basis, but they will definitely change it to include the third shot.

    Also, they managed to seize that much power this time, they will attempt something like this in the future.


    Control the population.

    Control who can/can’t travel.


    Limit the rights and create a multi-tiered society.

    The NPC’s have been calling for vaccine passports for double-jabbed people.

    So I can easily see those control freaks want those discriminating restrictions to continue… indefinitely.


    Oh, right… Israel did actually manage to vaccinate everyone.

    And… they’re having Covid spikes time and time again.  Right now they’re apparently one of the worst cases. Which begs the question why is the supposed vaccinal immunity (or rather resistance) this shortlived.


    Because if it’s due to the overall weakening of the immune systems of the recipients, that suggests the governments effed up by letting it get this far.

    But then again, what if it’s because it’s the vaccines that have been mostly effed up?


    If Covid is here to stay as a returning endemic (in which case, middle finger to our governments, but China in particular), this spread of fear has to end at some point. Because either you create an authoritarian society or you can’t *really* keep up with keeping all/most members of community vaccinated over something with this low a death rate.



    • According to The Daily Beast, most of the Israeli population is vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine.

    As a personal jab on the mRNA vaccines… ‘color me surprised’. /s

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