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    Pearl and Marina

    Pearl and Marina, the girls from Off the Hook, are not lesbians! These freaks keep shipping them and it’s honestly very annoying! They always see two girls or two boys and automatically think they’re gay. I’m hoping that in the Side Order DLC, Nintendo won’t make them lesbians. Nintendo needs to tell them that they’re just friends and are not lovers. These freaks needs to stop putting LGBTQ crap in Splatoon, with the posts in the main hub, the usernames, and the art they make. I’ve seen so much fan art where we see Splatoon characters with pride flags, 2D and 3D. I don’t want to see no pride shit in Splatoon! Fuck the alphabet community for sexualizing Splatoon! #PeopleruinSplatoon #Pearlinasareweirder


    Nintendo Twitter is weird, especially Xenoblade Twitter, though that is what I see the most since I’m a Xenoblade fan. My advise is don’t let weirdos ruin great games.


    The thing that worries me is that in the manga, Marina is writing a love letter to Pearl, and in the Japanese Splatoon relationship chart, Marina is described as “maiden in love.”

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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