Pelosi feared Trump would launch nuclear weapons in final days

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    Pelosi feared Trump would launch nuclear weapons in final days, book claims

    Just that headline should tell you how insane pelosi is.

    According to the book, she wanted to ensure Trump could not start a war and launch nuclear weapons as one of his final acts in power.

    “This guy’s crazy,” Pelosi reportedly told Milley. “He’s dangerous. He’s a maniac.”

    You nancy, you are.

    You have tried for 4 years to demonize the legitimate POTUS.

    You are the crazy one.

    “Nancy Pelosi is a known nut job. Her enraged quotes that she was afraid that I would use nuclear weapons is just more of the same. In fact, I was the one who got us out of wars, not into wars,” Trump said.

    But we all know if queen clinton was in office, she would have done just that, so naturally the dems would assume everyone would as well.



      It’s all political hyperbole. Those sorts of headlines are for the unthinking. And those people already believe all that stuff.


      It is also to get people to buy this book.

      They can’t miss an opportunity to profit off creating division and hatred.


        Not when so much can be gained (for them) by doing so.


        Do you know what, I think the reason runs deeper.

        Pelosi was afraid it would NOT be a dem to be the first (and most likely ONLY POTUS) to ever use/launch the nuclear weapons.

        They are so wanting to always be the first at anything… they will do almost anything.


        I think this is also being pushed right now as an attempt to hinder Trump 2024 run. To make sure that people with TDS stay that way

      Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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