Brie Larson: The New Rising YouTuber

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    In all seriousness, I honestly don’t care that Brie Larson is on YouTube, and in a way I’m glad she started doing YouTube, maybe we’ll learn a different side of her, maybe we’ll get to see a better side of her, but my problem and I think EVERYONE’s problem is this favoritism when it comes to celebrities or mainstream/traditional figures. I think that if EVERY celebrity was treated the EXACT same way as any other youtuber there actually wouldn’t be a problem. If celebrities had to do everything that other youtubers had to do (make videos, work for monetization, work for trending page, put in the effort, not get favored by the algorithm or YouTube or Susan), then there wouldn’t actually be this big of a problem. It’s nice being able to share the space because it does bring more traction, but it sucks because while other creators work for YEARS to get noticed and get out there, these celebrities are spoon fed, when in reality it should be the other way around. These celebrities shouldn’t NEED help from YouTube to grow on YouTube. It’s US the smaller creators who need the help. Remember when people like Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, Camilla Cabello, etc all had to work to get noticed and pop off? Remember when celebrities were just youtubers like us? That part is fine, but it’s people who get this favoritism like Will Smith, Jack Black, Brie Larson, the Rock, etc that is a problem. If it was all fair game, it wouldn’t be an issue. Like of course they’re going to get more subs regardless, but when it’s literally given out on a platter by YouTube, that’s the issue.

    I’m curious on your thoughts (try to keep it civil discourse though lol don’t want more of a reason for the bots to come after us XD)

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