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    With The Isle of Armor expansion set to release on June 17th, which pokemon are you going to add to your team? Volcarona, Scizor, Gmax Blastoise,and Galarian Slowbro are locks. Serebii.net has the full list of confrimed mons so far.


    I can has Pikachu? ;)


    I have the ash pikachu if you really want one ;)


    Yes lol


    Is the expansion going to be worth it? I feel that most of what it’s adding should have been in the original release


    Its worth it if you want more stuff to do. They are adding mechanics to make it more interesting for long term players such as legendary raids with friends and 2 new stories. Its basically what the postgame should have been. As for the missing pokemon they will be all added in by november so if youd rather wait until then thats smart. But for hardcore players like me waiting for the gen 4 remakes this is a good game to base all your mons for future switch games. Also you do not need the Expansion pass to get the new pokemon. Just a friend to trade or pokemon home.


    All I needed to know was that Salamence was coming back. I’m about to lay waste to the online scene.


    Slamence is in the 1st expansion pass Garchomp in the 2nd. Also Metagross is in. No word on Dragonite anywhere and thats just so odd. Andrew do you run moxie or intimidate on yours?


    I have a feeling that Garchomp will quickly jump into S-Tier while Dragonite will fall by the wayside. Unless it receives some new tools, it’s a ‘mon that will almost certainly require Dynamaxing in order to stay useful, and with better options that won’t cut it for me. Salamence is useful with both abilities, however, with Intimidate being nerfed pretty hard this Gen’, I have a feeling Moxie will prove more useful unless something is built specifically around stat reduction. Ultimately, we’ll need to see how the aforementioned perform in a Dynamax meta without the use of their mega evolutions – something that makes me sad boi. I’m sure I’ll find a way to maximize his usefulness like I always have since long before using him was easy; apart from Rayquaza, he’s my favorite Dragon-Type.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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