Poland seeks $1.7 T Cdn in reparations from Germany for WW II

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    Poland seeks $1.7 T Cdn in reparations from Germany for WW II

    Poland’s top politician said Thursday that the government will seek the equivalent of some $1.7 trillion Cdn in reparations from Germany for the Nazis’ invasion and occupation of his country during the Second World War.

    WTF!  How much drugs/drunk is this fool?

    Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of the Law and Justice party, announced the claim at the release of a long-awaited report on the cost to the country of years of Nazi German occupation as it marks 83 years since the start of the war.

    What an entitled moron!

    He claimed the German economy is capable of paying the bill.

    So, it is all about trying to blackmail easy money from a more prosperous nation.

    Germany argues compensation was paid to Eastern Bloc nations in the years after the war while territories that Poland lost in the East as borders were redrawn were compensated with some of Germany’s pre-war lands. Berlin calls the matter closed.


    Germany’s Foreign Ministry said Thursday the government’s position remains “unchanged” in that “the question of reparations is concluded.”

    “Poland long ago, in 1953, waived further reparations and has repeatedly confirmed this waiver,” the ministry said in an emailed response to an Associated Press query about the new Polish report.

    Sounds FINAL to me.

    Poland’s government rejects a 1953 declaration by the country’s then-communist leaders, under pressure from the Soviet Union, agreeing not to make any further claims on Germany.

    So because it is a different government, all previous agreements/treaties/etc are MOTE?

    A Polish opposition lawmaker, Grzegorz Schetyna, says the report is just a “game in the internal politics” and insists Poland needs to build good relations with Berlin.

    Except this demand for reparation of an already PAID/CLOSED agreement, is not the way to build good relations, all it does is sour them.


    When/where does such reparations ends?

    Can Eastern Europe sue the Soviet Union (aka Russia) for the cold war era occupations?

    Can Eastern Europe sue the Ottoman Empire (aka Turkey) for the occupation they did in Europe?

    Can India sue the UK for its colonial past?

    Can Europe sue France for its Napoleonic Wars/occupations?

    Can the Aztecs (Mexico) sue Spain for what the Spanish conquistadors, led by Hernán Cortés, overthrew the Aztec Empire.

    Can European Nations sue Rome (aka Italy) for what happened during the era of the Roman Empire?  Or sue Egypt for Ancient Egyptian?  etc.


    This entitlement/victimhood (going for what they hope is easy money) is even happening in Canada and the US.

    I personally am SICK of it all.

    These “victims” will never be satisfied, and will find something else to be a victim of no matter what we do to applease them.


    I don’t see the point.  In fact financially beating Germany to death in WW1 kinda led to WW2.  And I think they got taken to the cleaners again post WW2.  Why do it again?  All that shenanigans was hashed out 70 years ago.


    The old debt has been paid. But Germany is leading the EU’s push to sue Poland for various policies. So maybe another round of reparations is due. For all I care, Germany should be sued out of existence. That country is literally cancer



    To be fair, the American civil war ended April 9, 1865 and people are still asking for reparation’s for people that came here in the 1960s -90s. In fact some people that came to America 4 years ago think for some reason they are owed Reparation’s.  Also they want people who can literally trace their families to arriving after the war, or having fought or died for the union to pay for something they had nothing to due with. This comes up every couple years some country brings up WW2 and it gets shot down. Hell England refuses to pay the war bonds from it. Flat out, will not pay them, Living in the UK is reward enough is what the government said. Taxing a country to death after world war 1 is what led to world war 2. Bringing up more demands does nothing but stir the pot.


    I think usually the reparations thing in the US is just a political talking point used to gain favor.  It gets brought up so that you appear you are on whatever side knowing it’s something you will never actually do.


    reparations = entitlement IMO.  forced wealth re-distribution.

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