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    As the title suggest post pictures of your PC. The specs of my current build are a Ryzen 5 3600, G.Skill 16 GB 3200 DDR4, MSI RTX 2060 Gaming Z, and a WD N550 500 GB NVME PCI-E 3 4.0. Along with other storage to long to list.


    104288535_898836813951738_3874088706352495788_n (1)



    My desk is an absolute mess, but here is my setup…

    Specs:  Alienware Aurora i7-8700, Geforce 1080, 50Gb ram, 1Tb nvme EVO, Alienware 32″ ultrawide 21:9 4k main monitor, 2nd monitor is MSI 24″? and the one on the wall is a 42″ Onn 4k TV.   There’s a lot more on my desk, like 3 HP micro systems, a couple raspberry pi, two UPS, sip phone, laptop, two ethernet switches, xbox one, a micro projector, and a 3d printer.

    4032-3024-max (1)


    Nice setup for sure. Is the Ultra wide a curved Screen? It looks like it


      Here’s mine :

      Geforce RTX 2080 Super – Intel Core i7 5930K – 16Gb DDR4 – Benq PD3200Q Monitor, 1440p 60Hz



      Nice Rig. Any plans upgrading the CPU soon?


        Thanks.  I’m planning to upgrade when Cyberpunk 2077 comes out :-)


        Nods Nice, well at least you have some time to wait thanks to the delay. Zen 3 may even be out by then if you decide to go AMD instead of Intel this time around.


        My current PC has reached the end of its life and I’ve planned out my new PC (mostly).

        I’ve got limited finances now so I have to get some new parts over time.

        I’ve ordered.

        Asus B550-E Gaming motherboard.

        Seagate Firecuda 520 1tb M.2.

        An next I’m ordering.

        I’m looking at CPU’s and was thinking about the Ryzen 9 3900x but it’s a touch pricy so maybe Ryzen 5?

        3200 G.Skill ram.

        I can’t afford new graphics right now, I’ve got x2 RX 280X but it seems it’s more about CPU, Ram & SSD now so that’s the priority.


        EbE7f0iVAAAvC0nWelcome baby


        Well, as far as CPU’s go, AMD did just announce there XT variants, though looking at them most of them just up the boost clocks of the X version of the CPUS. In my opinion a 3700 is basically what the new consoles are getting, I almost wanted to go with that for my CPU, but I was doing almost an entire new build so decided to go with the 3600. It’s tough to know just how much the new consoles will play into things with how many cores and thread will be used. I know my 3600 while gaming usually maintains it’s 4.2 boost on all the cores, and the consoles though having 2 more cores and threads, are also clocked at slower speeds.

        I was on a Sandy Bridge i5 2400 and I didn’t have any more options as far as GPUs went with out severe bottlenecking taking place, the best I could get would be a 1650. I had a 960 2GB in my previous machine, which my mom now uses.  Waiting on a GPU maybe a good idea anyway with the future RTX and Navi 2 card supposed to be coming out by the end of the year. It was becoming difficult to game though with the limited 2GB on the card though.







        yeah I was looking at the 3600 too, I think that’s the right call, the B550 will have support going forward for years and down the line I can get a better CPU and Graphics.

        My 280X’s have 8gb on them, I’ve heard that’s all people need right now.

        Edit: I remembered wrong, the 280x’s where what I had before I got 2 480X’s, my memory is so shit sometimes.

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        Yeah, I have a 470 board and thankfully the did add support for the Zen 3 processor/4000 series chips if I need to upgrade processor down the line. I have a feeling though that after the 500 series and Zen 3, that will be the end of the AM4 socket and you’ll be seeing a new socket for AMD processors. It’s a helluva lot better than Intel that is for sure though. I will say make sure you have good cooling for the processor, these Ryzen chips run a bit hot compared to my old Sandy Bridge.

        Well, 6-8 gig probably depending upon what resolutions and frames I think you are aiming for when it comes to GPU. I have a 1080p 60Hz IPS monitor that I bought a few years back, so the need to upgrade to a new monitor isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Basically, from watching reviews, tech benches, and stuff the 8gb memory certainly helps with 1440p  and higher resolutions  and maintaining the higher FPS at those levels. I wanted to get a 2060 Super, but had to settle for a regular 2060 instead.

        I am not sure how much support there is anymore for 2 card systems moving forward, NVIDIA is pretty much dropping SLI support


        Well I just ordered the rest of the parts I’ll need.

        Asus Strix B550-E Gaming.

        Ryzen 5 3600.

        G.Skill 3600Mhz Ripjaws 32gb.

        Seagate Firecuda 520 1tb.

        Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R.

        I had to make a choice, spend a heap of money on 1 part I needed or spend $30 more and get 3….screw the overpriced Ryzen 3900x.

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