Prediction time- Biden and Kamala

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    Biden won’t make it the whole term. I think his issues are clear and they will only get worse. The smoke and mirrors will only work so long. I actually feel bad for him and I do not believe mocking him is right. Please don’t confuse my sympathy for him for any agreement of anything he says or does.

    The bad news is Kamala (The Ugandan Nightmare -old wwf joke-) will take over.

    The good news is the same people that pull Biden’s strings pull hers so nothing changes.

    The super bad news is I think Pelosi becomes VP. This is probably extraordinarily bad because I think Pelosi is a string puller.


    Originally I heard they wanted to keep biden till the half-way point of his first (and only) term, so that kamala could then take over and still be allowed to run for two FULL terms.  Even though she had to drop out of the nomination process very early on because no one wanted her as the dem’s pick for POTUS.  She was and still is unlikeable and is a very poor choice in any position (except for Willie Brown).

    Then the dems can claim another milestone.

    Look, we had the first elected female VP.

    Look, we provided the first female POTUS. (non-elected, but still the first).

    Then they will make sure she then becomes the first “elected” POTUS.


    And I can see her “laughing” into the faces of all world leaders, as that is her MO for something she can’t answer to.


    I could see that, but I could also see him being kept around longer because so many us have predicted this in advance that going ahead with that plan would prove us that us “nuts” were right all along about Biden being a proxy.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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