Prey’s Predator….this is real

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    Goodnight, everybody!

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      What you mean by Prey’s Predator? What’s going on??


        the new movie is called prey. its a Predator prequel.  A woman whos not allowed to be a hunter cause “female” will take down and kill predator with a bow an arrow.  Even though using a bow an arrow requires alot of upper body strength and a tribe survived almost entirely on hunted food. So they have an amazing hunter who spends years devolving her skills with a bow, but they rather starve then allow a female to hunt. Setting traps and snares, stalking prey, drawing a bow much less hitting anything, using camo to mask sent and your body heat. All skills that take years to learn, She is the bestest of the best but is never allowed to use these skills. until a super natural space hunter, that comes to earth to hunt big game with all the advance weapons someone who travels space would have. Should be a blast.


        It looks like something smashed its face, from the “chin” all the way to the top of its skull.

        This is how a predator should look:




        Movie had some good action sequences and interesting new additions to the Predators arsenal…and that’s about all I can say that’s positive. The Predator’s design is awful, way different than what we’re used to, and I can’t help but think they’re trying to lean into the stupid idea from the last movie about Predators harvesting genetic material from the strongest members of different species to enhance themselves or whatever that stupid bullshit was.

        Twitter, naturally, is jizzing over “omg, Naru is such a badass,” but I found her to be…well, less than great. She wants to be a hunter, but she keeps failing throughout the first act of the movie and being told by the others to stick to medicine, which prompts her to continually whine “I can do it!” Does she succeed in the end? Sure…after all the real warriors and hunters have dealt a lot of damage to it, weakening it somewhat, and giving Naru plenty of time to observe how it behaves.

        And the inclusion of the pistol given to Harrigan at the end of Predator 2 felt…dumb. If Naru has it now, how does it end up in the hands of a Predator? Does another one come back and kill her later? I get they want to tie this movie back to the earlier films, but this part just felt too clumsy to me.

        I’ve seen comments of this being the best film since the original (and at least a couple saying it’s the best of the franchise period), but I vehemently disagree. I’ll rank it above the last trainwreck of a film, and that’s about it.


        They tried something different with the creature design. It’s not terrible in motion. Still, this change of design during the last few Predator movies speaks of little confidence in their product.

        Overall, the movie has a few good aspects. The cinematography is really nice and the kills are creative and gory, even if the digital blood spurts are annoying. Those will never look right.

        The script of course is a disaster and the main actress is boring and lifeless and has no physical presence whatsoever. And of course since it’s a Disney product, the movie is full of white man bad.

        Objectively, it’s better than Predator 2018, maybe a little better than Predator 3 and far worse than the first two.

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        they stole the idea from this fan-made youtube video


          Well, Matey’s. I want to start off at the Start…. I have hunted deer all my life and in my best shape could not keep up running with them let alone pulling some ninja moves in the woods and throw a tomahawk. So it starts off BS. But then a “Trappers trap in 1719 Great Plains, that is a stretch as well. Maybe but a major stretch.

          Next, ive seen some big Cougars <not lions, certainly never called lion by the Native Americans of that time> but that cat was more lioness than cougar. And the Dialog was just horrible in that scene but really the entire movie.

          The Buffalo scene, was another that just went against the Predator, they do not kill for pleasure and that was a pleasure killing site. There is no need for it.

          BTW was that the Bear from The Revenant? If so his acting is getting much better. He needs a raise.

          Then we have her in the Trappers camp using the Tomahawk on a string Ninja style again. Hey Rey is that your or maybe Jane Lee?

          The true star was the Good Dogo… such a good puppy.

          Was this Woman Power, OH YA, Ladies and Gents we have a Mary-sue….

          This could have been a good story and the actress I will say did a good job with what she was given. Had they simply done a good back story of her growing up and learning hunters skills, maybe even being secretly taught by her brother. These directors today just do not want people especially women to earn it. That is the greatest shame. This movie had potential, well if it had a better script and let her earn the skills. But isn’t that the issue with many now?

          So where would I rate this.
          Well it was a predator kinda, as others have said, it did not look like how a predator should. Also the helmet was just bad.  The story was good in concept but lacking in execution. The CGI was also subpar. Just wait till it comes out on network tv. Or go Pay for a Top Gun ticket and accidentally get lost and walk in to this one by mistake.

          It would be a decent Lazy Saturday Afternoon on the couch flick if you are a fan of the franchise and want to see it for that reason. But best score I can give it is a 2.5 and that is for the Good Dogo. Maybe bump to a 3 if that is the Revenant Bear.

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          I remember seeing that fan film a long time ago… If Disney really wanted to copy someone else’s homework, there are better fan films to use. Predator: Dark Ages comes to mind, or the one that was never given a proper title but was set in the Pacific during WWII.


          Sounds to me that Disney have bullied Fox into toning down the Predator’s look to make it more PG-13/12a rated. Not a smart move.


            i didnt watch it. i literally guessed the plot and got 90% right. thats how bad it was.


              How the heck does “new” predator look horrible and far less real than original predator from like 30+ years ago?

              I am also highly confused here because “Prey” was also a popular (and awesome) video game from like 10 year ago.  And it had a native American theme.  Did they combine the 2?


                In truth, Predator looked feminine. The more I think about it.
                But @Vknid It has a ton of shall we say similarities, I had forgot about that game till you brought it up.

                As long as they leave my beloved Xenomorphs alone I will stay happy today.


                @Dragonlady This was not PG13 by any means. It was as gory as any of the old ones, if not more so.

                One good way they could have had the script go was if Indians and Settlers accused each other of the Predator’s deeds. Killing the buffalo, while out of character for the Predator, could have been such an instance. Maybe the Indians suspect the whites did it to starve them of food (which actually happened historically), and maybe the whites blamed the Indians for the brutal killing and skinning of a settler.
                The more reactionary elements of either side set out to take revenge, while others blame either spirits or demons, and meanwhile our two protagonists attempt to catch it with logic and skill. The Indian could use their hunting skill and the white could use their technical knowledge. Maybe have a forbidden romance between them to further up the stakes. In the end, they learn from each other and find a way to overcome the common enemy.
                Imagine a film like that which starts out as a gritty western frontier drama / thriller, only to then get turned upside down when the Predator is revealed. Kind of like the original Predator, which started as a genre action film, only to then turn into a horror movie as the action guys helplessly shoot into the forest to no avail andget picked off one by one by an unseen foe.

                That’s the kind of movie I would pay to watch, because there would be actual character development instead of these cardboard cutout cliché characters. Then their deaths would matter as well, and as viewer you would actually care and be invested, instead of just waiting for a gory finisher. And maybe then I wouldn’t want the Predator to win.

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                  This is the game I am talking about. Prey from 2006 (not 2017, think that was a reboot).

                  The main character was a Cherokee man and the game was heavily laden with Cherokee spirituality.  I remember it fondly.



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