Pro Smash Player freaks out about anime tiddies?- Rev Says Desu video

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>”The 90’s called and they want their soccer mom back.”</p>
    Remember when we could enjoy our video games?

    ~ Those were the days~



    I’m a woman and have never been offended at the sight of an attractive fellow woman on the screen! Tired of women looking ugly as is the case with the new ‘Fable’ remaster. They don’t seem to understand that we ladies want to see pretty women in our games…not someone that looks like a guy with guy hands (as is the case with ‘Fable’)!


    Oh my God, I hate the fable video. I got sooooo PO’d when they had the audacity to attack Heelsvsbabyface for calling them out on their trans face wannabe female character.

    Melanie Mac even covered it and SHE WAS ON POINT with what you’re saying. That’s why I’ve been sticking to JRPGs. Sexy anime characters are great and good story telling never goes out of style.

    And obviously not just Fable, but also Horizon Forbidden West and Street Fighter 6. And just add to the fact that the old adage of “sex sells” is still 100% accurate.

    Whether that’s morally defensible or not, it’s still a fact. I want to play video games with female characters that are ATTRACTIVE. Anyone who disagrees with that I have a hard time believing they’re a gamer in the first place



    Yeah I saw Melony’s vid and Clownfish TV’s vid on that and I agree with both of them. Most women have no issues playing as a male or pretty female character. If I get a game that has a male only protagonist I’ve no issues. If there’s male or female choices then I automatically go to the female one. Hence why I’ve no problems running around as Cal on ‘Jedi Fallen Order’ or Jin on ‘Ghost of Tsusima’.


    Man I love both those tubers. Clownfish calls it out a lot better in my opinion because they’re a couple stating the facts.

    Melanie has definitely been a 180 favorite of mine. Originally when she started out over 10 years ago, she just seemed like a pretty face who didn’t know much, but after recently rediscovering what she has done and stood up against, I changed that tune really quick. She’s a sweetheart gamer with a lot of courage.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I don’t care video game wise, whether the character is male or female. Samus has been an icon for years in gaming, she also became a sexy icon for gamers. Why is the change of heart happening now?</p>
    Woke BS activists invading our communities and our culture we made. This is what we call culture appropriation of geek and nerd culture. This is why we gatekeep, this is why we call out the fake community attention seekers.

    At this point whether it’s Vtubers, video game characters, or adult things, the woke people will have mental break downs on live video explaining why you’re a bad person for liking these things while showing they’re the biggest hypocrites.

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    They hate heterosexuality.


    Yup, they hate normalcy, sanity, and anything beautiful too because it’s something they’ll never be.


    Not to mention the character in question actually has a deep backstory and complex character development from the game she originated from, but that usually gets ignored by those who haven’t played Xenoblade Chronicles 2.


    I love the series as a whole, I have every game released on switch.


    Same! I’m hoping for an X port so I don’t have to get the game for Wii U.


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Woot, here’s to being patient 😀</p>


    It’s vital to keep in mind that professional Smash players have a wide range of interests. While some people may have strong reactions to anime content, it’s important to respect their feelings and focus on the game itself. It is natural to be passionate about various activities.





    <p style=”text-align: left;”>@thomasparker1399 Passionate is one thing, being blatantly dumb as shit about sexy anime girls is another.</p>
    And I can respect they have their own opinion, but I don’t have to respect their feelings, especially when their feelings are based in ignorance and sexual immaturity.

    Look, it’s one thing if you’re interested in anime, it’s another when bash an entire fanbase because you find anything sexual to be offensive in anime. It’s very ironic that people who pretend to like anime always get called out when they get mad at fan service.

    Fan service is crucial to anime for a long time and honestly anyone who gets mad at fan service isn’t an anime fan to begin with. I am not sorry the world doesn’t conform to the sensibilities of a puritan who thinks the worlds ideals revolve around him.

    I hope he stays mad or learns to admit he’s wrong. Judging others because people like anime girls is absolutely petty and stupid. I like anime tiddies, sexy anime art, and so does my wife. We love anime, if the smash players don’t like anime, they don’t have to watch it. I assure you there’s millions of people who still do watch it too.


    It pisses me off to no end that woke losers can’t leave well enough alone. They gotta push in on what we love and then they try to censor it. They can fuck right off.

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