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    It seems that right now the PS5 is running games better than the X Series. I thought that the Xbox was the most powerful console on Earth but I guess not.


    Apparently Phil Spencer came out and said why the Series X isn’t performing at it’s full potential, but it just sounds like more PR.


    You ask me, Microsoft hardware has always been bug and glitch filled garbage, all the way back to the original Xbox, which gave me no end of trouble when playing games.

    Sony may be acting a little soy these days, but they’ve always made good hardware. My PS1 held up over the years, only had to buy one until I retired it. Only once with a PS2 did I have an issue where it stopped reading DVDs properly soon after purchase, and an exchange fixed that quickly. My PS3 is still going strong, and it gets used in my house as a DVD/Blu ray player to this day. My first PS4 did wear out where the disc scanner stopped working, but it got hard use for 4-5 years with games and movies, because like its two predecessors, it served as both my primary console and DVD/Blu ray player. Other than that, I never gave me problems, and my new one has given me no problem in the two years since I got it.

    I look forward to getting a PS5 likely around this time next year.


    The Series X is more powerful on paper, but it’s less optimized compared to the PS5. Apparently devs only had the Series X in June this year while they had the PS5 way earlier than that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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