REDFALL update makes the game PLAYABLE lol (plus a humble request)

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    RedFall has an update and it made the Game Better. Is it Too little Too late?
    My Goodness, what a difference a patch could make for a game. All it took was a few days. So if RedFall came out this week instead of last week, would it have been a Good Game?
    No, because it still has major issues. The frame rate is still 30fps or below, they promised 60fps, so that was a lie. The world is more populated now, aiming is better.
    The Bad Where I did not experience any game breaking issues in my first video, this one had 3 game breaking instances. 2 were captured in the recording & the 1st was playtesting, my game crashed & shut down.
    Also, the 1st hour is severely boring, that needs to be fixed but it would require redoing that part of the game, it was way to dialogue heavy & low energy.
    I would not have recommended the game prior to the patch but this is at least a better game play experience.

    Little side note & I don’t know how else to say it but I will just be up front about it. I am a Partnered channel, that is monetized. Right now I am preparing for a legal battle against My insurance that hasn’t payed me in 5 months. Advertisers seem to now favor my content so much so that my 1st redfall video was paying me on day 1 18$ per 1k views, that is crazy. (I don’t swear or swear very little) The issue is Youtube not suggesting the video to many people, even though I was ranking high on Day 1 for the people they DID suggest it too lol. So if you guys can watch as much of it as possible that would be great, hell you can even just have it play in the background & go drop a deuce lol, I would greatly appreciate it. I’ve been making videos for 4 years now & still loving it despite my ups & downs with the system.
    Dreadfully sorry to have to ask but my situation kind of sucks right now.
    It’s humbling how many of you actually do go & watch my videos :)


      I have watched you and others play RedFall.  In my opinion , not even taking into account the glitches and performance, the game is bland, boring and not compelling.  But it must be kept in mind I am saying that without playing it, it just looks very boring to me to the point where I would not buy it myself because of that.


      ” the game is bland, boring and not compelling.” it IS though, you are right!
      The 1st hour of the game, you saw my video, I was bored, so few encounters & the opening scene was just monotone babbling with an unimposing vampired that droned on & on. Coupled with the poor direction of the game & of course woke NPCs, the Priestess pisses me off the most, not because she is a female priest, but because she does not embody anything Holy, like she constantly swears & tells people off.
      But honestly & I always give it straight, you saw there was NO editing & my reactions in both videos were honest, I had a lot more fun in the 2nd video, more enemies, better control.
      I am still not recommending BUYING this game, but if people still have it or have Game Pass & want to see what it is good or bad, there is ZERO risk.
      Thanks @Vknid I appreciate you :)


      Ok, so I am adding a 3rd video to the series. In this video, Anger & Frustration “WHERE IS THE FRIGGING BASEMENT!”

      RedFall is Still a Bad Game | Why am I still Trying to like it ? I liked RedFall from the moment I saw it at the awards show or wherever. But man, the game is so hard to enjoy. It has moments of greatness but so much is left to be desired. Direction is one of the WORST things about this game, more often than not, it is the reason for my frustration…as you will see in this video. A player should not have to struggle to figure out where to go, especially this early in the game. For example, in this video the biggest & most annoying part was trying to figure out WHERE THE BASEMENT WAS!! There were no stairs going further down past the loading dock, there were no signs indicating what direction the Basement was. It took me 20 minutes to finally find a door that you had to open, enter a room & then head downstairs. Then the game starts giving you direction where to go…ONLY at the mission ROOM! Give your players direction god damn it, Bethesda!
      This 1 thing alone, will make your game instantly more enjoyable because it will make it more fluid.
      2nd give your Vampires some life. They are strictly Black & Grey with drab clothing. I mean the human characters stick out more. The executions kills are great, so there is that.
      I hope you enjoyed this video & come back for more, soon.

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