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      If blacks want reparations, I suggest we stop paying taxes. No way in hell am I paying for blacks to live. They need to learn personal responsibility instead of crying about racism that doesn’t exist.


        I will sue the government.  My family did not own slaves and I can prove it.


          “One black conservative said we should just give them a piece of land and let them have their own place so they can live their utopia of no whites allowed.”

          You mean like…split the country? Government-sponsored Segregation?


          Maybe the gov will give the dissidents some BLM land (Bureau of Land Management). Seems fitting, one step ahead. The BLM signs are already there.


          They complain at lot but want to stay here for welfare and free stuff. Sadly the majority were born into this violent/gang culture and as a result you get entitled brats who are lazy, don’t want to find a job and want more free stuff. While saying whites are evil and the source of their failures.

          Just like feminists, they are weak of mind and cannot admit their errors or accept responsability. It has to be white folks’ fault.


          They were offered to go back to Africa after the ending of slavery by Lincoln afaik, most said no. So here we are.

          One black conservative said we should just give them a piece of land and let them have their own place so they can live their utopia of no whites allowed.



          Im not paying reparations the DNC refused to pay 160 years ago.

          Fuck their demands.


          I understand why people claim reparations…but I don’t agree with that stance.

          If they are entitled to it, then so should the Native Americans. I mean, once you start down that road, where does it stop?

          Also, look at very successful African-Americans like Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman who didn’t cry or whine about “reparations”. They got where they are though hard work and dedication.

          No one is denying there have been historical injustices but the past is just that: The Past.

          Get over it and stop looking for handouts.


          These type of people are lazy and self entitled and  Socialists.   They are bitter cause they cannot progress on their own merit and have failed to for decades, while European immigrants all have even despite  facing adversity and racism/ethnocentrism.


          Blacks enslaved other Blacks in Sub Saharan Africa. Europeans enslaved other Europeans on and off for thousands of years, even in the form of indentured servitude well into the colonial era.  Israelite also made slaves of people they warred with and oppressed. Heck, Jews also participated in the medieval slave trade in Europe up to about the 12th century AD.


          White ethnic groups also suffered from bigotry in the USA , including lynchings. Groups like Italians or  Germans, Irish ,  Catholics in general or Jewish peoples among others.

          Most of the White racist types were  always few, even if they had some level of influence and power,  and they were  crazy Nordicists & nativist types that wanted to preserve the Anglo-Protestant quo and their own wallets.

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          Not split but give them a city/piece of land so they can have their utopia and be on their own.

          But those who want such a thing would ask for welfare paid by yours truly.


          I have nothing against them, but with the current events, you see a big amount of black hate crimes on whites and nobody says anything. So much for “equality”.

          Tbh it’s all lies injected into them since childhood, through parents/schools brewing hate and not developing the mind.

          Hope they’ll finally take a red pill and wake the hell up. They’re being used.

          Imagine giving money to BLM but not caring about the business owners who had to face Chinese flu + riots from criminals who were left alone thanks to terrible democrat mayors and governors.

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