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    Hey G+G fam! I recently got a Sega CD with Sonic CD and NBA Jam. What else should I get (games/consoles)? What retro games do any of you miss or are you currently playing?

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      I will try and answer this the best I can for you. When I started (just over twenty years ago) collecting, I would go for games I would remember fondly and started going for them first, then I would do a little research and find the top titles next and continuing building from there. I was fortunate enough that I kept all my consoles etc from that point and only had to rebuild my snes collection. So I would maybe recommend something similar for yourself. Hope this helps.

      As for for games I am still playing, I will always play a good shoot em up. Something like Axelay, R Type and Super Probotector.


        That’s quite an open question as there is sooooo much so some preferences in genres and art styles maybe would be helpful.


        I was thinking of maybe some hidden gems on old systems. For example.. Sega CD was pretty bad overall but had some gems like Sonic CD.. Lunar series.. I’m trying to find some stuff that might be forgotten.. thanks for the reply..


          Well I don’t have many Sega CD games myself but if you ike Shoot em Ups I could suggest Robo Aleste which is the sequel to M.U.S.H.A..

          (just so you don’t get confused, Sega CD is called Mega CD in europe and this YT channel is european, but both games have been released in the US as well.)

          If you’d rather have a more Starfox like game, SoulStar is also pretty good



          So I found Robo Aleste for 58.99 USD on Amazon.. gonna buy it!!


            Damn, that went up in price, I bought it in 2010 and payed like 10 bucks.


            Soul Star is way more expensive.. like $200



              Wow really? I assume you can’t play PAL games or imports in general?


              About to go heavy into retro gaming, with a few exceptions in modern games. Big Nintendo fan, going all the way back to the 8-bit system. Sega did have some decent games, but I just never got into their consoles.

              Batman, Ninja Gaiden, Final Fantasy (before it went hardcore Final SciFi), Dragon Warrior, TMNT, Super Mario (so many games), those are just the ones jumping to the forefront. Finally picked up a Switch. Looking forward to checking out the retro gaming options.


              Huuuge fan of retrogaming (I was there for the NES onward!). I just got myself a Raspberry PiStation and it’s pretty much the best thing ever. I also made my own retro-inspired 2D game which you can get on (I want to make it my sig so the link can appear after all my posts but don’t know how to do that here yet). Hope it’s allowed to link it here and hope you will check it out. Currently going back in time through Star Wars games… Super Star Wars ;)




              In regards to retro gaming, are the RetroN systems worth getting? I still have my old game consoles, but thought it might be easier to at least have one console the play Sega, NES and SNES games.


                I have a Retron 5 and I think it’s great, it plays all regions, allows savestates (so even if the battery in your game dies you can still save), you can use original NES, SNES and Genesis controllers, and you can even apply fantranslation patches to your games. Just be aware that it uses emulation, when you insert a game it dumps a rom on the internal drive (depending on the game it takes a few seconds).


                Retro gaming invokes nostalgia by showcasing ancient video games and platforms from previous decades, which provide simple yet interesting gameplay, pixel art graphics, and a wonderfully antiquated gaming experience.




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