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    And now for some other people’s reviews:





      To be very frank, I am finding the “boring and slow” complaints to be quite ridiculous. I see it all over youtube, etc and it’s getting on my nerves now. Can people not set and relax and watch something without needing explosions and stuff going on continually?  Have people ever heard of character and story development? Seriously.

      I find the show refreshing and NOT boring or slow. I like it just the way it is. Finally some Star Wars I can enjoy. I am an artistic type, I like getting lost in a story and characters. I don’t need stuff going on all over the place. Why? Because that is not how life is.

      I am really looking forward to all the political maneuvering stuff to happen on Coruscant. I love political intrigue in sci-fi, a lot. Part of why I liked The Expanse. I am glad we are getting some more political intrigue in Star Wars now because it has been missing since Disney took over. The Disney Trilogy didn’t even have Coruscant in it.


      @DarthVengeant All roads of Disney Star Wars lead to Jake Skywalker. You can’t pretend otherwise. There is no separation.

      Everything in this show is made up by DISNEY, going against all things actually Star Wars. There is no fun to be had watching something created by people who do not understand nor truly care about Star Wars.

      I wouldn’t be so quick to label those of us calling it boring people who need the so called “explosions”and “action” in everything to be entertained. Please don’t start lecturing this show is how life is, because stuff isn’t going on all over the place. Give me a break. There is a difference between crafting a deep and interesting world and watching people walk around town, especially people who are Disney fanfic characters that do not actually exist in Star Wars history.

      There is actual Star Wars Lore and History from 1977 to 2012 (retcons and all), and everything after that is not.

      Watching dumbass Andor wander around town is not good story telling or world building. Watching police actually do their jobs but be persecuted for it is not fun, because guess what…they had every right to hunt down Andor cuz he murdered a guy, corrupt cop or not. Watching a jealous boyfriend turn a guy in because he saw his girlfriend talking to him at a bar is shallow and predictable story telling about people who are about as interesting as a stale fart. Watching a poorly orchestrated flashback be run out there just so you can have it line up with a “hero” shot of Andor is lame and sad.

      Star Wars doesn’t need manufactured political intrigue breaking actual Star Wars lore to be entertaining. It needs to be Star Wars first, which this series isn’t in the slightest. 20 plus years of EU stories proves that.

      I stand by everything I’ve said in my review. I called it boring, but I never said it was slow. I said it was stupid and not Star Wars in any way. The characters are bland, flat, and shallow. Andor is a MURDERER and not sympatethic. Everyone in this show so far is a moron. Nothing about generic created planets and cities in this show even remotely feel like Star Wars and would be mistaken for any rando sci-fi show if they hadn’t mentioned the words Imperial or Empire, because no one cares about Cassian Andor, and no one is going to care about fake Mon Mothma.

      The so called political intrigue has not even started yet, and when it does, it will be a bastardization of how the Rebellion actually started. This show is another move by Disney to alter Star Wars to fit their fanfic timeline.

      All this show is doing is continuing the perversion and altering of Star Wars into Disney Star Wars, which wants to be legitimized as the canon and lore, burning everything that came before.

      Go ahead and like it, I’m not going to stop you, but I am going to point out where I think you are wrong.

      It’s Disney Star Wars, and all roads lead to the Sequel Trilogy. This is not a la carte. Andor does not exist in a vacuum.




        As someone who has read over 100 of the “Legend” books, before they had that stupid label, and been around since the beginning, meaning I saw it in 1977 when it came out. I own enough SW merch to fill half a house. So, I am not some unknowing noob. But, I disagree with a lot of these takes on Andor. I didn’t find it “slow” or boring. I disagree with this popular opinion that just because it is Disney means it still can’t be good, and it is automatically hated simply because of that. I am no fan of Disney, they don’t get any of my money. But, The Mandalorian is good. So is Bad Batch, so was the final season of The Clone Wars, and imo so was Rogue One. I have enjoyed them. I have enjoyed Andor so far.

        You said: “Go ahead and like it, I’m not going to stop you, but I am going to point out where I think you are wrong”

        That comment is a bit over the top man. A) I don’t need your permission to like or dislike something. I don’t see why it would matter to you in the first place. B) I am not wrong in anything, there is nothing to be wrong in the first place. It’s my opinion that I like the show, that is not wrong, and that will not change. Neither is it wrong for you to have your opinion on it.

        You said: “All roads of Disney Star Wars lead to Jake Skywalker. You can’t pretend otherwise. There is no separation.”

        I really couldn’t care less about that. I don’t care either way. Utterly irrelevant to me and my opinions, and irrelevant to my op.

        My saying “that is how life is” pertains to it being slow, because life can be slow. I certainly wasn’t “lecturing” anyone either, I don’t even know why that was brought in to it. I don’t argue with people online either, it’s a waste of time. Reading your reply we are on completely different wavelengths on the show, and that’s ok. That is life.

        Take care.


        The Roas review was excellent. He does his thing well. I liked the show Andor and will continue with it. It does not feel like Star Wars and the guy below says it’s more like Blade Runner by Ridley Scott in it’s tone. Andor is also not really a hero and has questionable character, but he is part of the rebellion and, I hate to use the word, but anyone against the system is called a “terrorist.” Much was made of the guy begging for his life, but they started trouble with him, and they were in pursuit of him, and it was clear that if he didn’t snuff that guy, that they would have come for him in greater numbers in the future. The show is something else and I am actually ok with that. Can’t say I’m crazy about it, but I am curious about it. The writing is a bit clever in that it leaves you wondering what they are getting at, like, is it an allegory for something? The show feels like a sci-fi show of indeterminate background. It was interesting that the Skarsgard character was more into Andor than the device. Andor is his own character, and even though he is a scoundrel, people seem to care about him and that is something that anyone can relate to, how some people are just popular among others, even though maybe they didn’t do anything to really earn it. Andor is kind of like that buddy you got who keeps getting kicked out for not making rent.

        Like Pennyworth and Joker are not really Batman, this show may not really be Star Wars, and it might not even matter. They are starting to do short stories and anthologies like Tales of the Jedi is supposed to be 8 short stories. I did think geeks and nerds were curious about peripheral and tangential story lines. Either way, the show Andor did just enough to hook me. It’s very serious. Like someone said, for adults. Cloak and Dagger on a cosmic scale.


        After working to sanitize my mind of anything related to Disney’s Star Wars I’m at a place where the original trilogy and Episode III are my only go-tos whenever I feel the need to revisit that Universe.

        However, trusted reviewers seem to appreciate the more adult tone of Andor.

        Waiting until the series is over before considering sticking a toe in.





        Okay so I’ve seen the final episode now and I’ve come to the conclusion that the series really only needed to be four episodes long.
        Episode 1: Andor is recruited.
        Epsiode 2: The heist.
        Episode 3: Andor now on the run, the rebels planning to kill him.
        Episode 4: The finale where he joins the rebellion permanently.
        All of the stuff about him getting sent to the overcomplicated prison was pointless. Everything to do with Mon Mothma was pointless. The show is called Andor and I wanted to see Andor, not Mon Mothma apparently setting up the rebellion herself while Bail Organa is conveniently ignored.
        The only characters that really interested me throughout were the ISB agents.


          Well, now that it is all over. I would say my opinion leads more in the direction of Robert Meyer Burnett. I frankly loved it. Though, I thought the end scene was a bit anti-climactic. The post-credits scene was certainly awesome.

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