Ryan’s Switch Controller

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    How long before he kills it and has to buy a new one? LOL!!! RYAN

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    I’m surprised it’s not broken already!


    Ryan’s controller needs a better home! Lol!


      From what i saw last Sunday, probably by the end of the month.


      The Pro Controller is made from Nintendium which is an almost indestructible material…


      What controller is that? A HORI GameCube pad?


      Ryan should treat himself like he does his controller. Hed be calling the police within minutes


      Ryan just slammed his switch controller like 5 times just now. RIP controller


      If I had money, I would invest in the manufacturer of his controller. It’s almost indestructible! It’s taken a beating to hell and back and is still working.


      That’s nothing. Did you see the Game Boy that survived an atomic bomb?



      I swear he’s trying to break it on purpose so he doesn’t have to play anymore. Not gonna happen Ryan! Suck it up! Jeremy will just buy u a new one anyway!


      He’ll continue to use it even after the wires are hanging out. XD


      I wanna be in a relationship as strong as Ryan’s controller.


      My mind just created an image of Ryan with the text “Stop me before I destroy my controller”


      I hope that he finds himself in first place in the last lap of a race and his controller suddenly stops working.

    Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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