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    OK…before some people wonder why some guys watch this particular magical girl anime…let me be absolutely clear…I know that I’m not the only one who has seen it, however…there has been something that has been touched upon by the Moonie community before and I think some know exactly what I’m alluding to.  It’s the ridiculous changes that Westerners put to Sailor Moon when adapting it.  What I’m getting at is the hypocrisy of Americans especially when it gets to misinterpreting and not understanding different cultures despite the claim of being a “melting pot”.  SMH.

    Bashing aside, I’m curious what exactly started Sailor Moon for you guys and gals?  Did you start the manga after the anime ?  What did you think of it? Who is your favorite Scout and why? Which one did you have a crush on as a kid?  Did it change as you grew up or was it mostly the same? Who did you relate to in terms of personality?

    In my case, I started with the anime (the one that broke away from the manga of course) and I have to say that I wasn’t so surprised about the transformation sequences, yet for some reason…I swear that my parents thought I was loco.  As I mentioned in a thread pertaining to Power Rangers, I could see what others can’t.  The same can be said that my viewpoint on anime never changed.  My parents will never see what I can and I’ve already accepted that fact

    Don’t be surprised, but I have been listening to the ending theme of Sailor Moon Eternal  (Moon Color Chainon) about 40-50 times (after listening to it the third time, it grew on me) since the movie has been on my brain after watching the trailers and the transformation sequence for the Outer Senshi (happy Sailor Saturn is getting one).

    Tsuki ni Kawatte Oshioki yo.

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    I actually started watching it when I was still young, but never finish it, actually. It’s on my watchlist, just like hundreds of other anime. The reason I never finish the anime is back then, well, they were always replaying the same series of episode and also I was a fan of Cardcaptor Sakura, that was also playing at the same time as Sailor Moon.

    To also answer your question of what make me watch it? Well, art, magic, fight scene and the one I basically don’t talk much is because, for me, it allowed me to just evade this reality and “be part” of the anime. That goes for almost every anime I watch.

    The reason I watch these anime is because magic, paranormal, supernatural, power and all.

    I don’t remember if I had a crush in any girls the show. Today, I can say that Chibiusa and Sailor Jupiter would be the one I would have crush on. Reason: Hair and personality


    Dude, no need to feel embarrassed.

    I’m an old school moonie. Usagi and Mamoru are one of my favorite anime couples of all time.

    Way back in the day I participated in the Save Our Sailors campaign that got the rest of R, S, and Super S localized and dubbed.

    I watched it all. Took me years, but when I finally managed to track down and watch Sailor Stars to finish it all, it was one of my major anime white whales conquered.

    When they made the Crystal adaptation a few years back, I don’t care what people say, I liked it, especially since it was a closer adaptation to the manga than the original anime was.

    When they announced the other day that Netflix will be airing the two part new movie, I was decently jazzed about it. I hope the movies do well so they will adapt the final Stars Arc for this adaptation.

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    I think I watched one episode but couldn’t get into it as a kid. Then en years ago my interest picked up again and I started reading the manga and was enjoying it. Sadly, I can’t seem to get hold of the animi in the UK as I’d really like to re-watch it. It would make a pleasant change from Pokemon and Studio Ghibli films.

    I do admit to liking the cats since I’m a cat person lol. I also like Sailors Mercury, Jupiter, Chibi Moon, Pluto and Tuxido Mask.


    I actually watched that “pilot episode” when it debuted on Fox Kids and then I watched the 6AM episodes when I was catching up on DBZ episodes. Sailor Moon has always been a guilty pleasure of mine but you’ll never know unless I mentioned it.


    So, I remember having a chat with Cristina Vee (I’m sure some of you guys know her) via Galaxycon and…I shot straight with her a bit but I forgot to mention one other Sailor Scout that I happen to relate to (I mentioned her on the first post). We both relate to Ami in terms of being bookworms but I went a tiny bit further and mentioned that both of us were pretty smart (although I’m not even close to her level of brains) and that we both had an interest in the medical field, but my first crush as a kid was Sailor Mars.  I don’t know what it is with tsunderes but…I like them. LOL. Personality wise…oof…there’s multiple, but as I got into my teens years…I started to become a tiny bit like Hotaru. Shy, into history, and not surprisingly…we’re both lactose intolerant in real life. Plus she also seems to want to follow in Ami’s footsteps so there’s that too. I would actually consider her almost like a little sister or a good friend.





    sailor moon was very popular in europe as well. we all watched as kids… for most of us, the sailor moon transformation was the 1st time watching “naked” girls lol
    i was in love with the mars/fire one xD maybe that’s why i got into asian girls ^^’


    Same here.  I liked Rei as well.  Fun geek bit: I was fortunate to speak to Cristina Vee through Galaxycon and we both briefly touched on Sailor Moon as well as me talking about her fellow Moonie JYB as well as an old podcast they did called Anime TV (this was back when iTunes was slowly getting traction, plus I used to have an old iPod), before podcasts became a thing.  I was able to show my obvious support when I showed that I had a wooden bookmark of Sailor Mercury’s transformation wand, and I admitted that Mars was my first crush as a kid.


    Oh yeah, I was watching it in my teens on german channel and I loved it. One of my first animes. Its a bunch of girls in sailor suits fighting monsters – thats the dream, what more you can ask for? xD Salior Mars was hot. I never managed watched it fully cuz its hard to keep up with Tv airings back then and german was not my 1st language. I did watch the Crystal when it was airing and I didnt remember the original being so cheesy and I didnt like the 3d transformations. I do want to read manga at some point.


    The movie is now on Netflix!


    Also available on if you don’t want to give PedoFlix any money.


    Gonna rewatch all the seasons of Crystal so I’m fresh and then dive into this.

    I hope it’s good so we get a Stars remake to finish it all off.


    OK…so as I mentioned on the Discord, I finished watching Eternal and despite not having watched the original, the fact that they were able to fit most of the Dream Arc (supposedly without filler or other stuff like in the original) in the time they had, to me was a feat in and of itself.  I really enjoyed the art animation for the Inner Senshi Eternal forms but I was really happy seeing Hotaru having her own transformation (finally).  The background regarding Nehelenia, Helios, and Elysion and how it ties into the Silver Millennium was fascinating and I was really surprised with the hints they dropped for Chibi-Usa and some of what her future holds.  Overall, it was really good.


    Discord? Is that a premium thing?

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