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      what are some of your favorite games from the 90’s that were on Genesis


      mine were

      Gaiares, Sagaia aka Darius 2, Mortal Kombat, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Baseball 2020

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      Sonic 1 and 2, Streets of Rage, Revenge of Shinobi, Golden Axe, Road Rash II, X-Men, The Lost World and Mega Bomberman.

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      All the Sonic games, Vector Man, Battle Toad and so much more

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      Steel Empire, Another World, Flashback Quest for Identity, Hyperstone Heist.

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      I was the Nintendo guy with the SNES back then but a friend had a Mega Drive and we loved to play PGA Golf, Sonic 1&2, Toejam & Earl and Warlock on it. Many years later I decided to add one to my collection so I bouth a bundle on ebay with a 2nd Model Mega Drive, Sega CD add on and a bunch of game (including PGA and the Sonics).

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      There are so many good games to mention, but I’ll highlight one that doesn’t get mentioned much – Pit Fighter!

      maxresdefault - 2020-06-13T010537.181

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        damn never seen this one

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          Used to play this one in the arcade and thought it was amazing, that was until I bought the snes version and found it to be terrible. Is the Genesis version a lot better than the Snes version?

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      Sonic 1 and 2, Road Rash 1 and 2, X-men 2 Clone wars, Phantasy Star IV, Gunstar Heroes. Probably more that I can’t recall at the moment.

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      Ecco The Dolphin.  Just re-visited this for the first time in forever, and I’m still convinced this is one of the darkest, most fucked up, creepiest and most depressing video games ever made.

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        How so? I  never owned it & only played it briefly at my at-the-time stepbrother’s house so I didn’t play it much.

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          Well the screeching crying sound Ecco makes when he gets injured or hurt comes to mind first, the soundtrack (which is great btw), and just the overall game atmosphere and story in an underwater world that becomes so alien and weirder as the game progresses just makes this a kind of surreal game.  Kinda hard to explain but because its such an outlier and unique game (for its time when it came out) I guess that gives me this vibe without it being a horror game or whatever; it’s just the overall weirdness and strangeness of the game that when I started playing it after so long, I was just like, yep this game is still kinda fucked up lol.

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            Not to mention, it’s a HARD AS FUCK game too.

            I had and played it too.


            Sega had some great Disney platforming games. Aladdin, Lion King and Jungle Book to name a few.

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      Sonic 1 & 2, Sonic Spinball, Altered Beast, NHL ’94, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine. I know there are others but those are the ones that come to mind immediately.

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      The Sonic games, Shinobi 3, Earthworm Jim, NBA Jam T.E., Castlevania Bloodlines

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      Mutant League Football, Haunting starring Polterguy, Aa Harimanada.

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      I loved the Sonic games, golden axe, streets of rage series, shining force 1 and 2, MK1 and MK2, Shinobi, toejam and earl, earthworm Jim and many many more. Just so many to list.

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      For I there is no war between genesis and snes, the 2 of them have gems

      I hugely prefer The Terminator on genesis, and same with Aladdin

      and Royal Rumble is the greatest WWE game never equalized on Snes

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      When it comes to Sega Genesis games, my favorites are the Classic Sonic trilogy (I am considering 3 and K one game for this). Recently I’ve played TMNT Hyperstone Heist and Streets of Rage. Comix Zone is also pretty great. I didn’t grow up in the 90s so I mostly played lots of these in a mini console, Genesis games compilations, and at the retro games store in my local mall where we can play on actual Genesis. As much as I love Christian Whitehead’s mobile remakes of Sonic 1 and 2… beating those games in original hardware felt AWESOME!!!

      Also, there is a YouTube channel called Console Wars where two gamers one representing Sega and the other Nintendo (Dan as Sega and Greg/Pat [depending on the age of the video] as Nintendo) and they debate which game (for example Sparkster for Genesis vs SNES) is better! Really great content if you wanna know which version of a game you should try out.

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      Yeah, it was pretty awesome how back then both consoles would get different versions of the same game, like Aladdin or The Adventures of Batman and Robin. Same names, but totally different games depending on which system you bought it for. I also love how Konami made their franchises completely different by console. Contra Hard Corps is a very different Contra game when compared to Contra III, same goes for Castlevania Bloodlines when compared to Super Castlevania IV. It really mattered in terms of software which console you owned back then. Heck, Neo Geo had a bunch of games you couldn’t play on any other console.

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      this game needs a modern remake, I miss playing this especially on the Arcade


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        It’s a NeoGeo game, not a genesis one

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          I have it on Sega Genesis, it was released on multiple platforms

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      Right, let me try this again. (EDIT: Okay, finally got message this posted).
      Man, I loved the MegaDrive. It was my first ever gaming console and got me into gaming. I figure myself lucky to be born and grow up during the middle of the golden age of console gaming.

      Played plenty of fantastic platformers which I like to come back to now and then. Rocket Knight Adventures, Dynamite Headdy, Ristar… But the cream of the crop has to be Sonic the Hedgehog, though. I never tire of the momentum-based gameplay and the early adventures of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles.

      Recently I bought Collected Works: MegaDrive/Genesis from Read-Only It’s a wicked book containing archival artwork and interviews with people who worked in the industry back in the day. I believe it’s sadly sold-out now, but they might restock or you could try your luck getting it second-hand.

      Here are few photos so you can see for yourself.

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      Sonic, MK, X-men, Animaniacs, Jurassic Park, NBA Jam, Carnage, many more I’m sure….

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      I really enjoyed Sonic 1,2and 3 Alienstorm, Streets of rage 1,2 and 3,NBA Jam and Strider,

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