Shouldn’t we just wait to buy PS5/xbox and see which one is better?

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    Curious. I’m not trying to troll, but I see no must have launch games for either system. In fact, its going to be released on PC and they seem to be cross gen games at best.


    PS5 might be worth it for GoW and first party exclusives later…. but why would I pay 70 bucks for a demon souls remake?

    They delayed Halo Infinite too!!


    What do you guys think?


    No for different reasons.

    1) I never buy a console at launch anyways. Never a good idea, imo. Launch libraries are always crap, especially if you are a genre guy like me and put your money towards RPGs first and other things second.

    2) As far as I’m concerned there is never a question of which one is better. Microsoft is a crap company. Every Xbox I’ve ever had personal use with has been a piece of crap, not to mention Microsoft’s history of making you have to be logged into the internet so they can watch you do everything, even poop, if you want to use their product.

    Sony is no angel or paragon, but I’ll always choose the Playstation based on historically better machine performance for me, and a historically better library. I bought my PS4 at $450, so when the PS5 drops to that from the $499 starter price I’ll prep to buy one.


    Last time I bought a console at launch was the GameCube.

    Personally, I’m actually bit tired of the dick-measuring contest between MS and Sony at this point and see no difference between the two. The spirit of home console gaming died at some point during the last decade. Unless a truly must-play game comes along, I might not even bother.


    Personally I think PS exclusives beat the Xbox ones 100-0 so it’s pretty damn clear which one I want. The specs are each year pretty much the same so for me, the exclusives are the ones I go for.


    This is generally how console launches go. Launch titles are usually sparse, or not that great. Sony does have a stronger first party lineup, and this is something I have criticized Microsoft for and will continue to do so until they snap out of it. They put their exclusives on PC, which I personally love, but it makes the Xbox less appealing. Though I’m only speaking for myself, as I think the Series S will be a great value for 1080p gaming for younger generations who don’t have the money to build or by prebuilt PCs.

    I already have a strong PC and a Ps4, so I really don’t need either at launch. I’m getting Spider-Man Miles Morales on the Ps4, which I think is a mistake on Sony’s part and makes the Ps5 launch weaker than it should be. I’m willing to forgo ray tracing effects to save $500. Also, the lack of backwards compatibility for Ps1 and Ps2 games is a deal breaker for me, so I’ll likely pick up a Ps5 after a couple of years. On that note, Microsoft will likely not slow down on their backwards compatibility commitments, so I’m going with them first for next gen. Though when I’ll get the Series X, I’m not sure. I have a lot of Xbox and Xbox 360 games, so I’ll need a way to play those in HD sooner or later as I don’t have an Xbox One, and they’ve stopped working on backwards compatibility for the One to focus on next gen.

    I’m about to purchase the Oculus Quest 2 next month to replace my Rift S, so next gen can wait. And if Nintendo manages to release a new Switch next year, that will probably take priority over Sony and Microsoft.


    I have absolutely zero interest in getting either console at launch.  There are basically no games coming to either at launch that I can’t play on my Xbox One S and PS4.  I will eventually pick up both, but I’m in no rush, especially considering I already have a backlog of games to play on my current consoles that stacks to the ceiling.


    In my opinion, Playstation is just superior, on all levels.

    But, it’s very very important that Xbox keeps doing what it’s doing and keeps improving, because without xbox, sony would abuse on the prices and everything else. We just have those ps5 prices because of xbox, otherwise sony would absolutely sell their new console for minimum $600.

    So yeah, I’ve been a playstation user since their first console, but I have to appreciate Xbox giving them competition.


      Not to see which is better but to see if they have any problems like overheating and such.


      Its nice to see most do not care and just want to play great games. You guys are da best! Thanks again.


      I finally got the damn robot in animal crossing.


      I’m a lifelong PlayStation fan mysefl and IMO they’re about the same performance-wise this time around from what information I’ve gathered. I’ll still get a PS5 eventually and I won’t be getting an XBox because I’d rather build a gaming PC but I like that quality competition exists for Sony to keep them from getting too comfortable.

    Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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