SJWs: “Star Wars is for kids” – Also SJWs: “Let’s talk about s*x in SWTHR”

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    What the fuck!?!


    In Into the Dark, Affie Hollow is stated to be seventeen years old, meaning she was born in 249 BBY.

    This book has a 17 year old (minor) talking about sex with a grown man, and of course SJWs think it’s ok, sickening


    Those SJW’s are pedo’s.

    The younger they can get children thinking and talking about sex, the earlier they can make it OK to then have sex with them.


    The age of consent is 16 in most of the world, so it’s not necessary pedo stuff. And I mean if it’s only talking then is there a real problem then? Is sex education a problem?


    Dude, Soy man. Are you making excuses to protect people who want to bang children who cant even buy a pack of smokes yet?


    @SuperSoynic_Speed, whatever the age of consent is, I’m pretty sure we can all agree that a grown up wanting to do it with a 16/17 year old is creepy (to put it mildly)

    Sex education isn’t a problem, but, 1) the way this book is written doesn’t come off as sex ed, least imo, and 2, my point was that this is considered ok for a Star Wars book by SJWs, and those same SJWs say that Star Wars is for kids, not teens (we all know what happens when we become teenagers), kids, so these SJWs are basically saying it’s ok to let kids read books or watch shows witch talk about sex, that’s fucked up


    Age of consent, and the age difference between the teen and the other IS the problem.

    It is called “sexual exploitation”, “sexual interference”, “child pornography”, etc.

    Any time you push “SEX” onto a younger and younger demographics, this is what you are aiming for.

    The character might be 17, but the target audience this garbage is targeting is WAY younger than that.


    theres a reason 16 pedos and a huge pedo ring were caught at disney recently just saying


    Legatus is right. In the video, Anna shows the target age group for this book is around 12-18. Way too young for anything like this, especially when looking at the age gap between them. Not only is it weird, but it’s normalizing that for the children reading. That’s the problem. And I don’t think that using the age of consent around the world is a fair excuse here. This isn’t from somewhere else like the Star Wars books solely written for the Chinese market. This was written by an American author for American children to read.


    I would say sixteen is an age of reasonable consent because sometimes life can find a way in unexpected situations, but it’s definitely pretty creepy for a grown adult to actively pursue a teenager (that said I’m not entirely fond of sex ed either because I see it as encouraging sex out of wedlock. Call me old fashioned, but that invites all kinds of social problems).

    And as others have said, it’s not really the issue here. It’s putting the topic in some place where it’s not appropriate and potentially introducing kids to concepts they’re not old enough to really comprehend, yet.

    Leftists in particular have a pretty bizarre obsession with sex, and part of their activism revolves around pushing their perverse fetishes as a “right” just to behave in a vulgar manner in public without judgment. They in turn have this equally bizarre obsession of obtaining the approval of children and often these two cases will overlap, which have included bringing children to gay pride marches. Complete with male genitalia on full display.

    I am referring to extreme examples of course and by comparison this by itself is relatively benign. At best this is a somewhat garish way of writing. Any professional writer could’ve been a lot more subtle in a way that only adult readers would’ve gotten, so this just only shows how low LucasBooks have fallen in getting complete hacks to write novels now (honestly, the excerpt itself looks like something you’d find on


    Sexual interaction has no business being in Star Wars.

    Most of the couples involved in the EU books eventually get married and raise a family. That is all that is needed for a book.


    Idk how old the grown man is, could be 22 or 23 for all that I know. But yes, a 17 year old having a sexual relationship with a grown man is creepy and morally wrong, but it’s not illegal. And it definitely isn’t pedophilia, and I see quite a lot of pedo things thrown around here. Pedos should get their dicks cut of for all that I care, just don’t use the term when it does not apply.


    That is a sound point, Triple S, I’ll give you that. But that doesnt change the fact that sex was injected into literature aimed at young teenagers when it isnt pertinent to the story at all. Nor necessary.


    1) The grown man is not 22/23, the author specifically said there’s quite a big age gap between the 2 in an interview

    2) 22/23 with a 17 year old is starting to get creepy, 18/20 I can kinda get, that’s a small enough age gap that they could’ve been school mates in high school, obviously the older one’s gonna become an adult first

    3) If this

    But yes, a 17 year old having a sexual relationship with a grown man is creepy and morally wrong

    is morally wrong, then it should be illegal

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    @TowLiquor idk how bad it was but I don’t think all sexual references whatsoever should be banned for shows aimed at people under 18. If it was unnecessary and morally wrong then yeah, it would’ve been better to not include it.

    is morally wrong, then it should be illegal

    that’s a slippery slope you don’t wanna take. If every morally wrong action was illegal, we would all be in jail at this point.


    Ok @SuperSoynic_Speed, let me be more specific

    If you do something morally wrong, and you’re the only person to be affected by this action, by all means live your life

    But, if the morally wrong action hurts someone innocent (and I don’t mean hurting SJWs feefees 😭) then the law should protect the innocent person

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