Socialism not only makes people worse off, it also makes them worse

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    The Capitalist Manifesto: Socialism not only makes people worse off, it also makes them worse

    Capitalism has created more prosperity and progress for more people than any system in human history. On the 30th anniversary of the official end of the Soviet Union, join the National Post and Financial Post in a series saluting the unfashionable yet awesome power of the free-market system.

    I suggest everyone read this, especially those who are all for socialism.

    Socialists often castigate capitalism for promoting greed, when in reality, greed and envy are at the heart of the socialist system. “I have never understood,” Thomas Sowell wrote, “why it is ‘greed’ to want to keep the money you have earned but not greed to want to take somebody else’s money.” Socialists insist that they are entitled to a “fair share” of other people’s money, but why any share greater than zero is fair, they fail to explain. Nor do socialists generally say what share they would consider fair, as it seems that whatever the share, they want more — even when top earners pay a marginal income tax rate of more than 50 per cent, as they currently do in all but two provinces.


    The capitalist system promotes co-operation: in order to earn profits, businesses must make, both to workers and to customers, better offers than they receive anywhere else, or else risk losing them to competitors. People are free to choose, under the capitalist system, what to buy and sell, from where, and at what price. By contrast, the top-down control of socialism unfailingly promotes disorder. The “man of system,” as Adam Smith called the conceited central planner, “seems to imagine that he can arrange the different members of a great society with as much ease as the hand arranges the different pieces upon a chess-board.” But people aren’t chess pieces, and forcing them in a direction they did not choose — for example, by dictating how they must spend their money, or what industries they must work in — causes society to be miserable and, as Smith said, “at all times in the highest degree of disorder.”

    We are individuals, not NPCs.

    Enamoured by their top-down economic and social designs, and convinced of their righteousness, socialists are overwhelmingly intolerant of diversity, hostile toward individual choice, and close-minded to ideas not their own.

    But that is what socialists/communists want.  NPC’s to follow their dictates/dictatorships.

    Socialism leads invariably to less freedom, more misery, and a society where people are not only worse off, but worse.

    Hello Venezuela!  Hello Dem’s reimagining of america.



    The Capitalist Manifesto: Peter Foster on the subversion of McDonald’s, and how ESG stole the anti-capitalism agenda

    Indeed, the Soviet Union had confirmed that central plans inevitably destroy both wealth and freedom.

    And so many fools in the west want to head in that direction, when facts and history have proven time and time again it is a FAILED system.

    Many observers naively assumed that in the wake of communism’s implosion, market capitalism would somehow take hold in Russia. Instead, former Russian president Boris Yeltsin allowed the emergence of the oligarchs, clever former apparatchiks who seized control of state assets at knockdown prices. Yeltsin then handed power over to former KGB operative Vladimir Putin, who turned on the despised oligarchs and seized control of the commanding heights of the petroleum industry.

    And we are seeing the same here, with the technocrats, legacy media, etc, all being controlled by a few elitists trying to impose their views/agenda on the masses.

    It is only a matter of time till the regime takes control (ie CCP does in their occupied China).

    Only approved propaganda will be allowed, everything else will be demonized, outlawed, and held as “domestic terrorists/security”.

    While fascism, an autocratic nationalism that allows some tightly controlled private ownership, has become the model in both Russia and China — where McDonald’s has shrewdly hived off its operations — in the West, anti-capitalism now marches under the banner of ESG (environmental social and (corporate) governance). As with communism, the ESG movement’s aspirations are for global control.

    And yet certain sections of governments bow down to those fascism, an autocratic nationalism (CCP), loss of freedoms and rights go hand in hand with this movement.

    The flowering of the internet has been one of the great developments of the past 30 years, but it has also facilitated the emergence of social media mobs, thus greatly enhancing the power of environmental NGOs to harass corporations and their customers.

    The brown-shirts to attack without regards to whom they attack, and their technocratic platforms for allowing their hate speech to go uncensored/unchecked is shameful.  And those who do speak out get doxxed and banned for mentioning this “protected” group as being the hate groups they ARE!







    Your graphic of Germany and UK aren’t even complete. In order to enjoy that “free” health care, you have to pay an extra ca 22% of your wages for health insurance, at least in Germany. Not sure how it works in the UK. In Germany the employee has to pay 15% of their salary for mandatory health insurance. The employer has to pay 7% or so, which essentially also goes off one’s salary.

    Also you’re forgetting property taxes, which even renters have to pay, municipal costs and extremely high energy taxes. Also a variety of other taxes, including a fun tax (I’m not joking).

    In total, VAT included, high tax bracket Germans pay about 90% of their income in taxes. It’s less in the UK but also very bad.


    I wish the last time I filled up my car with petrol it was only $6.10 per gallon. I paid 168.9p per litre which comes out at about £7.68 per gallon. The biggest cheat with the price of petrol though is that the government insists that the dedicated fuel duty be applied before VAT and that VAT is applied to the whole cost, including fuel duty.

    We are taxed on paying tax!


    I did not make the “graph”, I only reposted it, to show a point.

    Socialism only works so long as there are remains of capitalism/riches they can TAX into oblivion.

    Once the riches/tax dollars dry up, you get wide spread poverty.


    Yes, I know. I mean that reality even out memes the meme. It’s unfathomable how insane Germany is.

    And yes, socialism only works so long as there are slaves. Eventually, people will eat their pets like in Venezuela


    On the contrary, I wouldn’t want to bring back the past. We have such progress in the world. Why? Technology has advanced to the point where there’s even an app that can track another person’s text messages. I was surprised when I read the article and thought it was a bluff. But no… After downloading the app I saw for myself.

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