Some actual truth and history of the Middle East (listen to this story)

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      Given your stated opinions on Israel and the general situation in the Middle East.

      I challenge you to watch this.  This lady’s story is in the very front of the video you don’t need to watch the whole video.  Listen to her story.

      I challenge everyone to listen to this.  It is real.  It is raw.  These are the types of things people in the US do not know although we form opinions we have no right to anyway.

      ((Warning – if you listen past her initial story you will hear a few things that are disturbing.  I mean diabolically evil disturbing.  I still cannot get it out of my mind))


      Will listen. Have heard of her before.

      Here’s the thing, these stories have zero to do with what Americans are facing right now. When we point out that Mayorkas and Blinken are doing a poor job, they play the holocaust card and play the victim and accuse of hate. That is getting old. That is not working for anyone anymore. When Americans show up to political events, Israel should never come out of anyone’s mouth if we are not supposed to have an opinion. Save your story. Americans should ask, why are any IDF members in our governments if we are not supposed to have an opinion on the middle east?

      Are there more muslims in the USA after 9-11 than before? Why? Who was that TSA director, the first one of Homenland Security? Michael Chertoff. What is Chertoff’s background? Wasn’t he having TSA finger girls and harass grannies and nuns?
      We were invaded under Chertoff to. Poor showing. I thought you people were supposed to be smart?

      When Americans point out that HIAS is doing things we don’t want done with our borders and demographics, and are then accused of “hate,” then, what does some yenta’s story matter to us?




      There are many stories like hers. When Serbia took in and protected Madeline Albright’s family, she turned on them and had them bombed. Victoria Nuland and Robert Kagan are the same way.

      The conditions described in her story are being set up in your countries. People like Mayorkas and Blinken and Barbara Lerner-Spectre and others are aiding in setting up worse conditions for westerners in their own countries.

      Why do antiwhite and antiChristian people like this lady below waltz right into privileged academia positions as a professor in a university?
      This is a huge problem. Yes, we will notice and any accusations, labels and name-calling will not matter. It’s almost like the west wants to end up in Gabriel’s story above.

      If your kids are groomed or pimped, or even killed by some other group, PBD and Brigitte will cover it up.
      Even the alt media covers up the crime wave against westerners.
      She gets to tell her story, but Americans do not get to tell theirs if some urbanite kills them.


        Will listen. Have heard of her before.

        Post your thoughts AFTER you watched it and not before.  Anything before is a waste of time and is just you defending what you perceive is a challenge to your current belief.

        There are many stories like hers. 

        How would you know?  You posted again 4 minutes after you said you would watch it. It’s a 2+ hour podcast.  Her initial story is at least 30mins.

        You have much passion and energy.  I think you have an itch for the truth.   Disregard what you are told to believe by people you currently agree with.

        Use that fire in your belly for truth and good, those things that help others.  Decide for yourself what is good and what is not.  Listen to it all and figure out who is motivated by the common good and those motivated solely by their own self gratification.

        If you are willing to ignore those things and plow forward, then you are the monster you say you want to slay.

        “Now you’ve become
        Everything you claimed to fight
        Through your need to feel you’re right
        You’re the savior of nothing now” — Disturbed — Savior of Nothing


        Listened to it and will listen to it more. It was all about her experience in Lebanon. She goes on to attempt to put out this message that Israel saved everyone and treated everyone good. Well, wish they’d do that in the west. England, Germany, Sweden, Michigan, none of them are having the experience she claims: where the Melting Pot is just so great and working for everyone.
        No, we are being looted, drained and depleted and there is no putting shiny PR spin on that reality. I know a guy from Belgium or France who says the same. He goes in to get checks from his work or from his real estate and the entire office if filled to the brim with burkas. I think these people take Americans for granted and think that we are all wet-behind-the-ears.
        PBD interrupted her story to talk about Taylor Swift. What is his problem? Is he mental? Totally inappropriate. PBD has also said in the past that he owes Kissinger for being here, which implies he probably owes more than that. There is something odd about people who go right into media from elsewhere and right into the limelight. Implies marketing, packaging and promoting.
        Don’t get me wrong, I like Brigitte Gabriel and David Draiman for other reasons, but this bright cheery Rainbow coalition, Melting Pot talk is not honest. Again, why does every GOP event drop terms about Israel and the IDF? It is not germane to the conversations between Americans and their government. The never-ending ForeverWars in the middle east contradict her claims that Israel is great to everyone and saving everyone and treating everyone good.
        Also, her bomb shelter experience. Yeah, Serbia had that experience too, as NATO and Madeline Albright carved up their country into pieces to their detriment. As she was talking, they showed all the protests that they are trying to outlaw in the west on college campuses. The same protests they are trying to make illegal in England now, if we are to believe the latest speech from Rishi Sunak. Again, no, it’s not working as she claims.
        The wildest thing is that, with all this tech, there is massive attempt to silence protests and free speech. For all the big claims of science, we see the effort by the occupied governments to lead us back into the Dark Ages by not allowing free speech of the people. This is another side issue of the whole thing is the whole Cult of Personality, where the public will only hear from spin-meisters that have like these permanent talk circuit careers. This is how I am used to getting information and I always like it like that because I was clearly groomed by the media, but now, I am highly suspicious of people who’s entire career is some touring talker, like it’s their full time job.

        Do you really think Israel is going to solve all  your healthcare needs like she claims?


        PBD asks why they are so much louder than Christians and Jews? Is he playing dumb or naive?

        We all know that DEI, CRT, ESG and all these other things come from the very top down. They come from people like Bob Iger, Larry Fink, Ari Emanuel, the NYTimes, the Ivy League. We never asked for these people in our western lands. Now that they are here and protesting, well, westerners have already been driven out of most institutions and have even had to train their replacements. Even the people I know who back Israel have had to do this. When other peoples are prioritized over your own in hiring and admissions,  there’s really no point in picking a side in the argument.

        Another thing is when she talks about the butchered babies. We heard this before. We heard about the rapes. We heard about babies in ovens. A lot of it was false information, unfortunately. Certainly, they engage in it and are capable of it, but she is saying this while the west does not have a positive birthrate. She says this while abortion is rampant. She says this while transsexual procedures are promoted.  This is why it comes off fake to me. Blaming horrors and atrocities on these foreign groups while the same things are happening to us coming from weevils and termites in our own systems. There is a lot of transference and projection going on here. A lot of diversion and coverup. It does not work for me at all.


          Dude you are intellectually energetic.  And it pains me to see you throw so much effort into things that are not the problem.  The people that are the ones that do you (us) harm are thrilled for you to hate everything but the people who are directly affecting you (us).

          I think you clearly see the actual issues that are out there for the most part.  But you are blaming the wrong people. It’s as if you had an accident and cut off your right hand and then to save yourself  you put a tourniquet on your left ankle.

          This right here is an example.

          She goes on to attempt to put out this message that Israel saved everyone and treated everyone good. Well, wish they’d do that in the west. England, Germany, Sweden, Michigan, none of them are having the experience she claims: where the Melting Pot is just so great and working for everyone.

          No, that is NOT AT ALL what she said.  What you just said is a total fabrication and it’s just what you perceive beyond her words based on your hatred for Israel. All she did was tell her experience and spoke to her feelings for those who helped her and those who tried to kill her.  If you listen to that woman’s story and the first thing you think is “meh Israel” you sir have an issue.  And clearly you have never been the father of a daughter.

          Your hatred is consuming your humanity.

          What does Israel have to do with the West?  Nothing beyond the west interfering in the Middle East.  Israel and it’s problems are not ours.  We should not be meddling there but we do. Much of the garbage you see going on now IS NOT because of Israel.  It’s because of the west meddling in the Middle East since Israel was formed.  We have assisted Iran, Iraq and many dictators before we called them evil and decided we have to overthrow them.  The Middle East has been on fire since Jesus. The west showed up post WW2 and poured gas all over it and now we complain about the fire.

          The vast majority of the people in this country have no clue what goes on there nor do they have to live with the consequences of what does. So our opinions are of no value and your hatred is an absolute waste of energy and the only person it hurts is you.




          Not sure if you know this, but my mom’s friend toured the Middle East and got her head chopped off. This is the problem with being too idealistic and accusing westerners of hatred and chastising and admonishing westerners. Some may think they are teaching a lesson but it may just be softening people up for the kill or to be ripped off with a bunch of lies and fake jewelry or some other transaction.

          The entire west has daughters that are being harassed by invader demographics, especially, muslims, so yes, I really do know and also know the NGOs that are accusing us of hatred while importing refugees that will go on to harass our girls. If anything, western men do not have enough energy in resisting the invasion and the lies in the face of accusations. Far, far more energy is needed to push back the harmful replacement and the ripoff by Bibi and Zelensky. I’ve never really seen western men stand up for themselves because they are immediately set upon first day in school going back generations.

          As for Brigitte Gabriel, she may be Lebanese, but she reminds me of like an Italian woman or Latina or some other lady from the block. She comes off very down to earth. Kind of wish I knew her, to be honest.

          The problem with good people like yourself is your humanity clouds reality. This is also a problem with people who may be around a lot of church is that they project their good feelings onto others that lay in wait to prey upon them. The entire world thinks dumb Americans are only good for being exploited because the people in midwest or the rural areas are still the kind that will give their shirts. For those of us who grew up on the west coast, we know what it is like at the earliest of ages to be lied to and lied about right to our faces. You see bills passed. They’ve been posted. Our people are being ripped off to our own detriment. There is no misplaced blame. Zelensky, Schumer, Bibi, Blinken, Nadler, Mayorkas, etc. are clearly the ones in power and authority. No talk of hate will prevent us from pointing it out.

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