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    After almost a year of basically nothing, SEGA have finally pulled away the veil from Sonic Origins, the first proper compilation not seen since Sonic Mega Collection:

    Some note worthy points:

    >Classic mode will be in 4×3 format with the original games difficulty (for MegaDrive veterans).
    >Anniversary mode will feature widescreen format with easier difficulty for newcomers (i.e. infinite lives).
    >Collects all of the core MegaDrive titles of Sonic’s Golden Age, including Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic CD.
    >Will feature animated cutscenes (likely unvoiced) to better tell the story of these games, written by Ian Flynn and animated by Tyson Hesse (both are Millennial Sonic fans who grew up on these games like myself).
    >The games will not be emulations of the original MegaDrive software but ports of the remastered digital re-releases of Sonic CD, Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 that were developed by Christian Whitehead and Headcannon (who went on to create Sonic Mania) in 2011 and 2013. They’ve been working a remaster of Sonic 3 & Knuckles just for this title.

    Personally hoping for tons of other extras. Part of what made Sonic Jam so good was the sheer interactivity and recreational value. I’m not expecting exactly the same thing but collectible/unlockables and tons of extras to commemorate thirty+ years worth of history would be nice.


    Now, the bad news, taken from the official website:


    Seriously, what the fuck is this? Not only is it confusing at first glance but it seems like certain features that should be within the game from day 1 are going to be locked behind a paywall. Because of course they are. This would make Ubisoft blush.

    Still going to get this, of course, and for anyone who is interested in checking out Sonic or has simply missed out, these are the games I would hands-down heartily recommend as they’re easily the cream of the crop. I’m just tempted to go with the standard edition out of sheer spite. The extra content will probably be made available as “DLC’ at some point after launch, anyway.


      Saw this a few days ago. Having 2D animated scenes and custom duos beyond just Tails following Sonic is nice. S3&K is my most favorite of the Genesis Sonic games, so that getting the Christian Whitehead treatment at long last sounds neat.

      That said, these different editions. Just…why? Maybe I’ll get this, but I’ll probably wait for a sale. A friend of mine seems really hyped for this, so that could be my chance to try it then.


      Official launch trailer:

      Haven’t bought this yet, but likely will a little later this year once I’ve cleaned some things up on my plate. I’ll be honest; I never played any of the digital remasters from the early 2010’s, so I look forward to seeing how they hold up.


        @FallenOmegaStar : I am so utterly sick of 5 different versions of a game now days. Standard, Deluxe, Collectors, blah blah. Put ONE version out and be done with it already. Like you said, it ends up being confusing sometimes.

        And, if the higher cost versions that come with more stuff DON’T have a physical copy, but the standard cheaper versions do, then they can f**k the hell right off. It’s utterly ridiculous. When you pay 200 bucks for a collectors edition and it doesn’t have a physical copy of the game with a box, then you are being ripped off.


        @DarthVengeant As far I understand it there is no physical edition, but that could change in the coming months (Sonic Mania was originally digital-only before it got a physical release that came bundled with new content (which was available to buy separately online if you already owned the game), though, yeah, I remember a collector’s edition at launch which only came with a code to download the game. At least that’s less egregious than the Mass Effect: Andromeda collector’s edition which didn’t come with a copy of the game at all).


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