SPACE COWBOY: A Cowboy Bebop Fan Film

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    I am sure you are already know whats happening with netflix “adaptation” of the Cowboy Beebop, many youtubers already made at least 1 video about it, so I wont go over it here. But the one thing that I noticed is that everyone (at least the ones that I follow) refers to photos of cosplayers who managed to pull of Faye faithfully, but I got one better, there is an actual fan film and it got Faye with a proper costume which should be impossible… At least that what we were told, haha. I guess nobody knew about it. I think this kind of thing defeats all arguments now. Its actually got recommended to me after all those videos, algorithm worked for me for once. :D Maybe it did for others too by now.

    I liked the anime (not the big fan or anything) and the fan film is pretty good, just 10 minutes, but a small indie indie studio with low budget managed to pull off look of the Cowboy Beepop better than billionaire one. Embarrassing. If somebody needs even more proof that netflix is full of shit, then there it is.

    After you watched it, if fight scenes seemed slow then try to rewatch that in 1.5 speed. It looks great.


    They released second film. After watching all the reviews of the netflix “adaptation”, this looks like shakespearian.



    @Kaizersaurus What does this have to do with this thread/topic?  Please don’t SPAM the forums.


    Cowboy Bebop Anime Scriptwriter Keiko Nobumoto Passes Away At 57



    I’ve only ever seen one fan film and it was a live action version of Disney’s ‘Recess’…which was better than anything I’m pretty certain that Disney would end up doing. These however are BETTER than Netflix from what I saw from the trailer the other day.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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