Space Jam: A New Legacy

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    Despite everything going on with it, I might still consider watching this. If only to quiet my seven year old self😂. Also, I hope they keep 2Unlimited’s ‘Get Ready For This’ in or I’m going to be annoyed😂(I doubt ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ is going to be on there for one minute, even if some other artist covers it).


    Boycott this trash.

    Woke Jam: A new Lunacy with queen james.

    Don’t give CPP James any money nor attention.


    I would’ve watched the Space Jam sequel years ago because the original is still my favorite sports movie of all-time after Rocky. Now, the NBA is servant of China and I’m expecting BLM propaganda and other leftist garbage. I’ll admit the trailer looks good and it’s nice to see another big cartoon crossover after ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ but that’s not gonna make me want to go to a movie theater and waste my money while dealing with the moronic COVID rules.


    I don’t watch NBA (from the UK here) so I can’t really comment much on the guy that’s replacing MJ. My only problem is that he seems to lack the charisma that MJ had on the original version. Maybe I’m just making too many unhealthy comparisons to the original😂


    I don’t watch NBA (from the UK here) so I can’t really comment much on the guy that’s replacing MJ.

    Lebron James works since he’s the biggest star of the NBA (or at least from when I last noticed). It’s just that Space Jam 2 is getting released at the worst time possible. Oh and I’m no NBA fan either or even a sports fan. I just like sports movies.



    Not sure if there’s a way to watch American sports here in the UK. The only time we get them is during Super Bowl and that’s on at around the early hours of the morning for us when it’s on. I think there’s the ESPN channel and Sky Sports but I’m not sure.


    Toys are out.



    Fuck LeBron. No desire to watch this garbage. Loony Toons are SJW garbage now too. So sick of it. Let it die. Kill it if you have to.




    LeBron was tweeting his victory lap when his shitty movie bumped Black Widow to #2 at the box office.  2 weeks later Space Jam 2 is dead as a doornail and he’s crying like a little bitch.


    Though to be fair I think the source of that Youtube video was a parody Twitter account.



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    No-one here in the UK likes the BBC anymore as they’ve become VERY biased in their news since Brexit. Also, I’m laughing myself silly at his statement because I’m sure that if that was the case then why is the first ‘Space Jam’ film so iconic if people are “racist”😂???

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