Stan Bush is the greatest rock star ever

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    Stan Bush the guy who wrote all the 1980s Transformers music is the greatest rock star ever and if you don’t like Stan’s music then…….YOU DON’T HAVE A SOUL AND PROBABLY KICK PUPPIES IN YOUR FREE TIME!!!!! Lol jk 😂😀

    If you don’t believe me here are song of his songs

    You guys really want to argue with me on this? You listen to even one song by the great Stan Bush and you’ll know his awesomeness!!!!!!! He’s got the Touch!!!!

    I swear if I ever find myself a hot woman to marry one day in the near future, I’m gonna have only Stan Bush music playing at my wedding.


    Yes. Inspirational 80’s rock. I love the guy. One other song that I like that is not Stan Bush, but that makes me think of Stan Bush is St. Elmo’s Fire by John Parr . When I hear it on the radio, I’ve hardly ever heard a person more hyped up and inspired than that. The 80s were like that. Another one is that aerobics song “What a Feeling.” That era of music really tried to dig into the soul for motivation. It was in a wholesome way.


    I have all the respect in the world for Stan Bush, but there’s something that has to be said. When a person becomes a parody of themselves, it’s fine, but really, is there anything wrong with going into music production and maybe having a younger artist execute the song. There is only one Stan Bush and he is an all-time great, but once a man has a big testosterone dropoff, they can’t really convey that fastball energy that I hear in St. Elmo’s Fire or What A Feeling or what Stan Bush had in his prime.



    Stan Bush in my opinion will never have a testosterone dropoff…….Stan Bush is so badass that his testosterone will never fall and his songs are epic!!!!!! Lol 😂😀


      First, Sorry not letting this slide by. You want to try and say that this guy is even in the League of Freddy Mercury, Elton John, Phil Collins, Anne Wilson, Joan Jett, Elvis and many others?

      No way, I had to actually look him up, he was good at primarily animated theme’s but as a musician, he for general population it would be very difficult to find people that know who he is let alone his works. You turn on songs like “We are the Champions, In the air tonight, Rocket Man” People will know the song even if some do not know the singer, but even at that many will know the singer. Greatest ever NO!

      Your entitled to your opinion but when you say Greatest Ever, in any field, That persons name better be so recognizable at least, people dont have to look him up.

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