Stanley Cup Brackets

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      I’ve always thought these were fun, but with the madness that happened last year, I was curious as to how everyone is doing with theirs?

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      I have never been in on one of those that the various sports sites do.

      We had a unique one from work, but after taking it over for almost tens years, after being accused of cheating, I continued running it for several more year without joining in myself.

      Then a few years ago after having to threaten to kick people out for not paying in their entry fee, I said enough is enough.

      I have not be involved in any hockey pool since.

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        I only ever do the official one that the nhl does. If both the blues and capitals lose, I’ll most likely be 6/8 in the first round which will probably prevent me from winning. Big sad.

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          Now that we are down to the final two, how is your bracket standing?

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            Pffft, my bracket died in the second round. Usually what happens. Both the teams I predicted would go to the cup lost.

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      I called Dallas awhile ago.  My dad hates me as he wanted Vegas LOL

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        You’re a lot smarter than I am apparently lol. I did not expect them to get this far, but I hope they win. I love underdog stories.

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      Well, it is not a best of FIVE series, having split the first two games.

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