Star trek Prodigy vs. Star trek lower decks

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    Which do you prefer….


    I hands down prefer Prodigy. It’s more in line with the TNG mindset and I feel more intelligent.

    Lower decks is crass, rude….and sometimes quite stupid.


    What’s your opinion?


    As I don’t watch either of them, I cannot say.

    But just looking at the trailers and what was written/spoken about them… I would say NEITHER.

    Since they do not respect Gene’s vision of the future, none of these “new trek” is worth it, IMO.



    I can respect that opinion.

    But if all I can get is modern drek…from what I’ve seen, my preference remains the same.


    And if I want a Tru trek experience,    I go play star trek online.


      As a long time trekkie (since I was an egg) I gave Prodigy a chance, and I don’t regret it. It’s a fun show and now I can say I really enjoy it. Yes, it takes a few episodes to start kicking in, but then it gets going and has some decent character development. It is 10000 times better than all the other Trek trash they are spewing out of their asses. WAY better than the horrible Lower Decks, which I could only stand two episodes of and have never watched again. Yes, Prodigy, an animated show aimed more at children is better than the adults shows.

      I would say this is much more respectful to Gene than the other Trek they have done in recent years. Janeway is on the show too. Her hologram in the first episodes, and now the actual character is on the show. One of the last episodes actually dealt with the fallout of a crew member from the original Enterprise having crashed his shuttle there all those years ago. They mentioned Transparent Aluminum in the same episode.

      I would suggest giving it a chance.


      I sat through the first episode of Lower Decks without laughing once so didn’t bother with any more of them.

      As for Prodigy I’ve never seen an episode (don’t even know if it’s on the services I have). All I’ve heard about it made it sound like a very generic sci-fi show that had Trek elements stuck on as an afterthought to get it noticed.


        These answers seem to being up another topic.  It appears to me our standards have lowered.  Meaning at this point, if the show is not just an hour long moving picture of someone taking a poop on a picture of Roddenberry we call it good whereas before these dumpster fires it actually had to be good or even ground breaking to hold our attention.

        Just my 2 cents.


        Vknid…I’m sorry but I do have to disagree with you somewhat.

        Truly it does not fall in line with Roddenberrys original vision, because of the current *ringleader* of trekdom. Klutzman…

        And it is a *dumbed down* show aimed at children, it is written and produced somewhat decently. If you can rise above its simplistic nature, kiddie humor and just switch your brain off and let it be what it is, you may find something you like….


        Or not….the choice is totally your own.


          Well that is perfectly fine.  We can agree to disagree.

          The way I look at it.  If you call it Star Trek but it in reality bares little resemblance to Star Trek (by your description) then it’s not really Trek in spite of the name. And that sort of just goes to my point as I see it.  However, perfectly fine for your see it another way.


          Well it seems that prodigy just dropped its first major woke bomb.


          D’al  (the main character) is a mixture of at least 27 alpha quadrant species, including the Q. It seems he was an experiment of one of the Dr’s. SOONG.

          Imagine that…


            I can point to a dumpster fire and call it Star Trek but that does not mean it is.


            Polish a turd all you want, it is still a turd.


              To the people saying its a turd. Have you watched Prodigy?

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