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    Anyone into SWGOH? Been playing for 4 and a half years.


    I play it, I wish Jeremy would post a video of the recent events with Ahnald and CG. Clearly EA has to step in and do something about it.


    i played it for 15 minutes.. looks good


    Used to play this. Then I got tired of the new Flavor of the Month characters that would pop up and immediately dominate. Guilds were required to do anything really cool and even than you had to login everyday and do the daily missions and raids etc. to maintain your position in the guild. The game began to feel like a job…I quit


    I wish he would address Ahnalds situation too. Would be great exposure for this entire ordeal with CG.


    As luck would have it, I’m not Jeremy, but I did post a few vids about the AhnaldT101 ban. Feel free to check them out. Channel link is in my profile! *shameless plug*

    Jeremy covering it WOULD give it good exposure though. Other non-SWGOH specific channels have covered it. So far, no response from CG. They did release a shiny about Jedi Knight Luke though. Trying hard to distract people. It’s about more than just a mobile game. It’s in the same vein as all of the other pop culture nightmare stuff going on.


    Capital Games is shit. The only reason I am still playing it is because it is STAR WARS.


    I’ve switched back to F2P on SWGOH. Whoever took over the reigns for CG has done a complete 180, running the company into the ground. Jedi: Fallen Order was the only great Star Wars game made in recent years. Battlefront 2 is fun for what it is, but the online multiplayer stuff is old. Enjoy SWGOH for what it is, don’t spend money, and hope they make a worthy sequel to JFO.


    I still love it. Played every single day since 2016. My guild is super chilled which I love. Previous one I was in was all “Guys make sure you join our WhatsApp group so we can discuss tactics”….jesus it’s not an SAS operation it’s a GAME!! Yes the new characters are always super strong compared to any of the older characters to the point where even bothering with a fully levelled up Farm Boy Luke is a total waste of time in 2020. But I still love it.

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    I think after the last jedi I deleted it


    Isn’t that the truth?  Lord, some people take it WAY too seriously.


    I’ve played since 2016. It used to be an all-time great game. Now it’s garbage. I stopped giving them money over a year ago. At this point, I won’t quit because I’ve just come too far (silly, I know). Every new meta release I think “just end the game, CG.”

    The Jedi Knight Luke release is such BS.


    Yep. I just try to have fun FTP and not worry about the “meta” of the game at the moment. JKL was short notice, but far from unexpected at this point. It looked like a fun event though if you could play it.


    The upside to not being a whale is that there’s still plenty of catching up to do. There’s content that my guild hasn’t even scratched yet that we have to look forward to. Reverted back to F2P, so it’ll take awhile. Even if the game goes under in a year or so, going to try to enjoy it for what it is.

    That’s how desperate we are for a proper Star Wars intellectual property. ='(


    100% agree. This game could be so much more. It is truly sad. And it doesn’t help that it is really the only Star Wars Mobile game right now. We’re in desperate need of some variety.

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