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    Came across this video and was just curious to here anyone’s thoughts

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    Mace didnt trust Anakin cause they were too much alike.

    Cept Anakin fell when tested, Mace did not.


    Hmmm, that’s an interesting take, i never though of Anakin and Mace being similar, and now it gets this question in my head: if Mace was really that similar to Anakin, then why didn’t he try and help him? The way i see it, if someone’s really alike you, you should be able to understand them, and be the most qualified to help also based also on your own experiances, but Mace never did that, in fact he did the opposite, pushing Anakin away and minimizing whatever he was going thru

    So how similar are Anakin and Mace really? Sure they might have some things in common, but that doesn’t automatically make 2 people alike



    On the ‘Revenge of the Sith’ novelisation (and maybe the ‘Phantom Menace’ and ‘Attack of the Clones’ as well) it mentions that as part of “Jedi individuality” Mace could control the dark side and used that in his fighting skills. Only difference being is that Mace could obviously control it better than poor Anakin.



    That’s my point, if Mace was so good at controlling the dark side, why didn’t he attempt to teach Anakin how to controll it?? He was obvioussly smart enough to know what was going on, but did nothing to stop it, just swept the problem under the rug


    It was also said that Mace kept having to tell Anakin to “do it by the book”, and yet when it came to arresting Palpaltine, it was Mace that wanted to ignore the rules (and kill him on the spot) when it was Anakin who wanted Palpaltine to stand trial (by the book).

    It was the last straw to Anakin’s faith and trust in the Jedi order.

    That Mace failed to see that Palpaltine’s and Anakin’s “shatter points” were each other, in the end was the final nail in the coffin for the Jedi Order in the Republic.


    This is good story telling, with plenty of depth to the characters.

    Too bad others at Lucasfilm did not understand what good story telling, character arcs, plots, planning ahead, IS.


    I bet if Liam Neeson I mean Qui Gon Jinn was still alive after Episode 1 Anakin would’ve never have turned evil cause Qui Gon would beaten the evil out of him. Qui Gon Jinn unlike Obi Wan wanted to train Anakin to do good, if he had a chance things would be different but that is just a theory…..a Star Wars Theory.

    I think out of all the Jedi Qui Gon Jinn had the most amount of patiences if he was open minded to train a youngling who was too old to become a Jedi. Also it was Qui Gon Jinn who even freed Anakin from slavery.

    If only everyone had a strong, wise, open minded and patient paternal figure like Quin Gon Jinn maybe none of us would be such little punks.

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