Star Wars The High Republic New Villain

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    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry

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    SJW Wars the Stoned republic is a bad joke.
    Someone needs to burn this shit to the ground.

    Not one thing in this ‘story’ is new. its all stolen from their betters.
    Claud Gay is a hack. She is a romance novelist for fuck sake not an SciFi writer.


    The expanded universe had sentient plant species in it as well. Mind you I think a plant based species would be really difficult for any animal species to defeat if they hadn’t reached a technological level where they could create, say fire. Space Neanderthals better watch out.

    I’m still amazed that I can look at much of what Disney is putting out for Star Wars right now and think that I’ve done better with my fan fiction in keeping consistent with what went before. Plus unlike Disney I didn’t think that having to keep with EU canon as well would be too difficult. In fact I was even able to create stories set roughly at the same time as the Wasted republic stories are going to be without ripping up any established canon that I know of (although I may have pushed the limits a bit).


    People who write fan fiction know enough of the lore to fit their work into the universe.

    These fucks dont care if their stolen from two dozen sources shit fits into the universe they just want a quick & easy buck.


    Yep. Can’t say I have high hopes for the High Republic.


    The High Republic sounded like an attempt to cash-in on the nostalgia of the Old Republic era from the old EU, without understanding anything what made that particular sub-franchise so great and popular with fans.

    Yeah, not interested. Rather just play KotOR I & II again.


    This is the new villain in the book called The Eye. He leads a group of thousands called the Nihil (Ny-hill). Thank goodness I haven’t encountered the plant villain yet.E6BFD917-C347-4B0B-B243-4775800837DB


    I’m just not very interested in Star Wars continent without a movie or TV show. The books add a lot to the existing movie, but trying to do Star Wars just from a book and some promo art isn’t very engaging. 🤷‍♀️


    Darth Vader called; whats his chestplate back.
    Man’Dalor called wants his mothers helm back too.

    Can the ‘story group’ manage anything at all that isnt stolen trash from someone better?


    Yeah the point of that character is they’ve stolen little bits of pieces of material from different places. Everybody who is creative is inspired or blatantly steals from other creators.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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