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    Here is a forum to discuss any and all things regarding the OT. Things like:

    Which version do you like best, Specialized or De-specialized?

    Who is your favortire character?

    Which movie in the trilogy was your favorite?

    Hope to hear from you all and may the force be with you


    De-specialized for sure. Some of those added scenes just take me right out of it. Doesn’t match with other vfx. Favorite is Empire. That Yoda puppet still works.


    Episode IV is my favorite, though I adore all three. I grew up with the original un-altered editions, and those are the ones I prefer, but I’ve learned to live with the special editions. The OT is my favorite era and the one I will always associate with my childhood. No amount of Disney crap can wash that away.


    Jedi. The scene on Endor between Vader and Luke is the best in the entire trilogy. I think it’s downplayed just how draining that meeting is on Vader, Luke straight up bosses him, without even turning when he ignites his saber. I always like to think that you almost see a weakness (I think he needs to steady himself almost) in Vader as if it took a toll on him. Sure, he says ‘off you go to the Emperor, that’s the end of that’ but (imo) this is where the first chink of light breaks through in Vader.


      Favorite character Anakin/Darth Vader, favorite movie Return Of The Jedi, i also love that scene on Endor between Vader and Luke, that and the whole ending of the movie’s very emotional and always makes me tear up, one of the reasons why i find these scenes so emotional’s ’cause it shows afer all those years serving the emporer Anakin’s finally free

      I like both original and special versions, though i’m also a fan of the prequels so i do like seeing Hayden Christensen’s Anakin force ghost at the end

      May the force be with you too NUTINBUT.A.PNUT


      There are aspects of the SE I actually like. The space dogfights were improved greatly but most of the rest of the changes are stupid.

      Han shot only.

      Empire is the greatest of the sextet. There are no other films.

      The list of best characters is on this forum somewhere.


      This is one of the my favorite movie trilogies.

      My favorite is Empire sometimes it’s ANH.


        I watched the Original Trilogy with my dad growing up… some amazing father,son bonding time there. I’ve never been picky about the Non altered vs Special Edition thing considering the fact that that the OT’s plot wasn’t suddenly changed or anything. My favorite character was Luke Skywalker himself, he was a guy who believed in redemption to such an extent he redeemed his father, who was basically the second in command to Space Hitler himself! That’s why it KILLS ME what Rian Johnson did to Luke in TLJ!

        My favorite movie in the OT is Return of the Jedi… while I do believe that objectively Empire Strikes Back is a better film… I’m just a sucker for endings and seeing Luke finally redeem Anakin was such a breathtaking moment. Also I think Luke looks like a badass with that black outfit and with his own green lightsaber!


        I can’t believe the pointlessness in some scenes of the ‘specialised’ versions. For example what the hell was the point in having that bloody great brontosaurus walk right in front of shot when Luke pulls up in Mos Eisley? And we all know he just moved those rocks about for fun in front of R2 when Luke gets brought around by Ben. Also why change the original, actually fearsome sounding Krayt dragon that he made to scare off sand people, into the sound of a demented pigeon? Those aside from all the obvious ones. It disrespects the sheer hard work and craftsmanship of all of the original groundbreaking effects. And although it’s probably heresy to say but the fact is George still has not given up a copy of the original version to the National Film Registry, because he doesn’t want anyone to share in the incredible, ground breaking history of the original film. Sorry George, but you’re being a dick.





        I agree. The only changes to the SE films that work were the space battles. The changes CGI could make to the origional trench run sequence were good. If he had stuck to things like that they would be good.

        Instead we get shit like Boba Fetts voice being changed half a dozen times.

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