Star Wars vs. Star Trek (lore and story)

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      Clearly Star Wars and Star Trek have dedicated fan bases.  And you hear people argue about which is better from time to time.  I like both but I have always been more into Star Trek.

      I was thinking recently about how they both have deep lore and great story telling (prior to present day in which both are hot garbage).  This born out in TV, movies and books and other literature.

      So I was curious what others thought about which had better stories/lore?  Maybe by better I mean deeper and is has more continuity.

      Personally I always thought Trek did but I know that might be bias from my end.


        There are way more books for Star Wars. I have read 100 or so of them. So, I lean towards Star War having more lore, etc. Both franchises have been “reset” as well, and for both franchises that was a negative. Everything was better before Kennedy and Kurtzman took over. JJ Abbrams helped ruin both as well.

        But, I love both franchises equally. I have never understood the mentality of people to insult others based on one franchise or the other. I always found it childish. It’s the same thing for people who have PS or Xbox or PC. I like it all. The PC elitists REALLY need to get a life too.


          I am with you I like both as well I just always favored Star Trek.  They both have very deep lore and stories.  The interesting thing is while they are similar they are also very different.  Star Trek is about our human future where Star Wars is about a fictional people. Both make for great watching and reading.  Well except for the last few years of each they are garbage.  I just ignore it and focus on what already existed before the resets.


          I’ve been a fan of both for many years and was sorry to see the quality fall off so drastically.

          In terms of lore the issue is that they are telling stories of different universes so it is very difficult to say which one is ‘better’. However, I have noticed a couple of issues with Star Trek that make me prefer the (pre-Disney) lore of Star Wars. The first of these is the idea of the Federation not having any form of money. How their economy works has never been explained but we do know that money does not exist by the time of The Next Generation and I don’t find this believable. I’m not sure I’d go as far as some who claim that the Federation is a communist society but there is something not right about it. The other issue relates to what sort of society the Federation actually is. It is presented as some form of utopia but there is at least one episode of DS9 that suggests otherwise. This is at the start of season 7 when Ezri Dax is explaining how she became the host of the Dax symbiont. For those who don’t know the character is a Trill, a humanoid species that sometimes become hosts to slug-like creatures that live for centuries also called Trill, the process creates a merged personality that can draw on the memories of every previous host but the host is no longer the same person they were before the joining. Removing the symbiont any later than a few hours later will result in the death of the host. Ezri Dax was previously Ezri Tigan, a humanoid Trill who had no wish to be joined to a symbiont. However, she was serving on a starship transporting the Dax symbiont back to Trill for a new host after the death of its previous one there was a medical emergency that meant the symbiont could only survive by being implanted into a new host immediately. As the only humanoid Trill aboard the ship Ezri was made to accept it, she was not given a choice. Ezri Tigan ceased to exist and became Ezri Dax instead.

          Effectively Starfleet and the Federation decided that Ezri Tigan didn’t matter but the symbiont did. Hardly the utopia it is supposed to be. At least Star Wars admitted to the failures of the Republic and Empire. These issues haven’t stopped me writing my own fan fiction for both universes though and I try to keep consistent with the established lore.


            Interesting points!

            The money thing has never bothered me.  It just did not matter to me.  Just like they don’t ever show you them going to the bathroom or even mention it.  The Utopia thing I disagree with you on.  As much strife and hard times they went through clearly there is no utopia.  Yes it seems they figured out some great balance to society but that’s not Utopia so much as just something to hope for in my book.  And that is what Trek is, a positive and hopeful look at the future.


            For stories and conversations/discussions, I prefer Star Trek.

            The TV shows covered topics most others would not, but in an entertaining way.

            ST: TOS we had episodes that talked about genocide, bioweapons, cultural diversity, inter-racial relationships, etc.

            ST: TNG we had episodes that talked about transgenderism, addictions, sexism, extremism, etc.


            Star Wars, the topics are alot less.


            I have seen way more fan fiction and fan art for Star Trek over Star Wars.

            For costume/cosplay/cons, I have seen more Star Trek than Star Wars.

            Comics books, I enjoyed Star Trek way more (for the stories, artwork, etc).


            Both have effected pop culture, and merchandizing (books, comics, toys, clothing, collectibles, etc).

            Both IP holders had destroyed the relationship between paying fans and the substandard products they are making today.


            Interesting that you’ve seen more Star Wars cosplay than Star Wars. For me it’s the other way around. The only conventions where I’ve seen any more than a handful of Star Trek costumes have been specific Trek conventions. Although I do own the following:


            TWOK pose3

            I agree that the issue-related stories in TOS and TNG were handled far better than in newer shows. I think that the way such episodes in all TV shows are written seems to have changed from the writer taking a subject and using that as inspiration for a story anyone can watch to taking a story and pushing their opinion on an issue into in a crude and obvious way that then distracts from the story itself.

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