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      I’ll start with mine after playing for about 50 hrs. I got mine on Xbox Series X. In fact, I bought a Series X just to play this game. (I had planned on getting one someday)

      They crammed a lot of BORING content in their game. It’s endless side quests with endless long drawn out boring conversations I end up skipping through. I literally skip 75% of the conversations in this game because I frankly do not care about them. It’s all redundant. They don’t interest me. I don’t care about hearing peoples hardships or problems over and over and over and again every time I go somewhere new. Sure, a few is fine, but imo they went WAY too far with it here. I really don’t understand the point in this many sidequests. Every new place you go is 20 side quests and many of them are just started because you hear conversations. I am so tired of it. People say “Well, don’t do them”. No, you HAVE to do them. Why? Because in order to get the abilities you need or want (skill points), you have to level up to unlock them. So, that means you spend 75% of this game doing side quests so you can get skill points to have the ability to do half the things in the game.

      The planet scanning is UTTERLY BORING and WAY too long. On the more robust planets you have about 18 things to scan, and you have to scan each of them about 15 times spread out over different regions. Then you have 1-4 special things/areas you have to find as well. It is NOT FUN, and I do not see how anyone who designed this thought it would be fun. To make matters worse, there is NO vehicle either. Humans had a vehicle on the moon the FIRST TIME we landed there in 1969, but somehow in Starfield, nope. We can have Grav Drives and laser rifles, but nope, no rover vehicles. It is utterly Ridiculous.

      The ship building is sloppy and clunky. The planet resource building is just as bad. You have to go watch a youtube video in understanding how to do either of them because the game explains nothing. In fact, a vast amount of this game is NOT explained. I continually have to google search things.

      The ship flying/travel is ok. Really nothing special tbh. You end up Fast Traveling everywhere you can so you can avoid the forced land/take off cut scenes. The controls are slow. The combat is frustrating because in order to fix your shields you have to have ship parts, it you don’t have any, you cant fix it. And ship parts take up space in your inventory (which goes back to the inventory being full problem). The time it takes to repair is way too long too. You jump into a system with 10 enemy ships attacking you as you exit your space jump and you cant do anything but die.

      The character on screen animations and look seem to still be copy and pasted from older Bethesda games. It’s rather pathetic and looks VERY dated.

      Then we have the first most annoying problem in the game. This is a game where loot is everywhere, continually. And you are CONTINUALLY full in your inventory. I am utterly fed up with it. I quit collecting loot for the most part now. A huge problem is that when crafting, the only places it sees are from you and your ship. And those are always full. Believe me, it’s always full. You have a safe in your room in The Lodge that has unlimited space, so you take things there to store. But, that doesn’t show for crafting. So, if you want to craft, you have to go to the Lodge and pull out what you need, then go to a crafting station. TIRESOME. It’s utterly ridiculous.

      And then we have the second most annoying thing in the game. The lock-picking. I am SICK of this. It is WAY worse in this game than any previous Bethesda game I have played. You CANNOT auto-unlock anything, ever. You used to be able to level up and finally auto pick things on other Bethesda games, but not this one. You have to play this stupid puzzle game over and over and over and over and over again. Every time you find something locked, you are forced to do this puzzle. Well, I quit doing it. I am done with it. It is so tiresome. I leveled up my skill for it all the way, but it doesn’t do much good to be honest, you still have to do the game every single time. I really don’t understand this from a development view. I can see in the beginning having to do it and then level up your skill to finally auto-unlock things, but this is just nonsense.

      The graphics? Meh. Nothing to write about frankly. I am in full 4K and it doesn’t look bad and doesn’t look fantastic. “shrug”

      To me the enjoyment of this game is ruined by the 10000000 side quests that have pointless drawn out conversations. The game has good ideas bogged down by bad implementation of content clearly developed just to keep people in the game, not to have fun. (a problem I am seeing more and more in games now) I am not having much fun. The only enjoyment I am having is the main storyline and companion storylines. They are quite good and I already had a twist and event I did not see coming. The rest is just frustrating me. And, I am a veteran of Bethesda games. They clearly didn’t learn their lesson with Fallout 4, because I am even more bored than I was in that game.

      So, I give Starfield a 5/10. A game that has nice ideas, but didn’t use most of them in a way for people to have fun. (You know…FUN, the thing you are supposed to have when playing a game) A game that has a nice story, but is bogged down by repetitive and frustrating building or resource activities with boring side quests that have way too long conversations.

      (PS: I forgot to mention. I have 3 quests I cannot continue with or complete because they are still bugged nearly 6 weeks after the game was released)


      That’s not an opinion, that’s a whole essay giving the bottom line of what Starfield is about: tedium.

      I’m not gonna lie, I was expecting a million side quests to level up when this game came out, but the more I ready about it, the less I want to play. Sure, you get to explore, but where is the fun?

      Like you said, how am I going to have fun with that? Was the game designed to be fun? Which makes me think: World of Warcraft was fun when it came out, that’s a whole level of tedious activity, but it was fun. Probably because I was playing with other people? Probably because the gameplay was designed around fun and challenge? I’m not sure what the larger concept of Starfield being boring compared to any other RPG other than a million side quests, but it sounds like they made everything as slow as can be to take up your time.

      Not gonna lie, I’m not going to play this any time soon and I have no incentive to play especially when I’m following up with 100 JRPGs lol


        Starfield (which I have not played but seen tons of gameplay from) looks like it had the framework to be a really good game.  But they did not care about the details and they woke’d it up a good bit.  But that’s the whole deal of lack of competition and them wanting to churn out mediocrity on a regular basis for predictable profit and share holders vs. really making something awesome.   Awesome takes more time, effort and risk.


          @Vknid : The wokeness that people are speaking of in the game is only in two things. The pronouns for your character, but you never hear about again after the character creation screen. And a character that tells you she is a clone of a man, a man who was a murder, but that’s not really woke, it’s just odd. That’s it. In my 50+ hrs playing that’s all I’ve seen. So, I think all the video’s people made on Starfield being woke are WAY overkill. I think the rant Az had on this was utterly overblown. Not saying this stuff should have been there, but it’s really a grain of sand in the size of this game.

          You can romance a character of the same gender, but I don’t consider that woke. That has been around a long time. Mass Effect had it (and this game defiantly takes ideas from the Mass Effect series).


          I am sorry I don’t mean to offend you, but I disagree. There is a main character named Barrett. He is the guy who originally gives you his ship at the beginning of the game. He leaves for a period of the game but eventually returns to the Lodge and you find yourself paired up with him for a couple of missions.

          Eventually he approaches you and asks if he can discuss something with the player. He then tells you that his dead gay lover, was wronged by some evil corporation some years ago and asks the player if he would be willing to investigate the situation and clear his dead lover’s name.

          The player then has the option to go on said missions, and eventually resolve the issue.

          During the course of your conversations with Barrett, the player is given multiple options to flirt with his character and attempt to participate in a homosexual relationship.

          Even if you never flirt with Barrett and decline every option to romance his character, eventually he starts talking about how traveling with the player character has reawakened feelings that he hasn’t had since he spent time with his dead gay lover and then he confronts the player character, and asks to start a homosexual relationship. The player character has to basically tell him no, he is barking up the wrong tree to get Barrett to back off.

          Even so, once Barrett professes his feelings for the player character and is blatantly rebuffed by the player character, his continued lines of dialogue to the player are creepy AF and borders on harassment.

          This is nothing like romancing a video game character in the past.

          As you said Mass Effect and other games allow you to do this in the past, Heck, I think Jade Empire allowed you to romance two characters at once and bed them both at the same time, but the player character had to instigate the relationship(s), the player character had to take numerous steps and if the player character did not follow a specific series of dialogue options and/or mission decisions the player character would miss out on the option to romance the character(s).

          In Starfield, the homosexual relationship is pushed on the player character even if the player character never takes the dialogue options to start a relationship.

          You would think if the player character already declined multiple options to flirt or start a relationship with a game character that would be it and the game would just move on and skip that portion of the story but that does not happen in Starfield. As I said Barrett forces the issue and forces the player character into a conversation about having a homosexual relationship.

          While I am an adult and have no problem telling some character to back off, it is a bit concerning to think of a child playing this game. Frankly, I think it gets very close to groomer territory.

          Then you realize that the company Sweet Baby Inc. worked on this title. I think that’s all that needs to be said about that.

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