Starfield’s hilariously scary looking ESG NPCs LOL

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    Starfield NPCs are Hilarious , Why would you do this? WHY?
    Why would you do this Bethesda? What is wrong with the Starfield NPCs?
    I never watched any of the Starfield hype or leaks because I wanted to go in fresh. I never expected the NPCs to look this bad. Was it always like this? Male NPCs tend to look more normal than the female NPCs. They all look like under the skin, they are made of potatoes & spaghetti. It is so bizarre & off-putting. Why do western developers do this to their games? I know the game was different before 2021, this stuff did not exist back then, these models are ESG designed model bases. Oh & the mainline characters look decent during the cut scenes, but in combat, they all look bad. I’ll be uploading a first impressions video shortly. Stay tuned.
    BTW, apparently many studios are finally ditching the ESG bullshivism. These people that will cling on to it are sick in the head & soul.
    Why would Bethesda willingly do this to a game they were working on for over a decade? You know this stuff was not in their game originally & the game looked better than it does today. Todd Howard killed this game with dated characters that are clearly turning people off from this game. Thankfully the game is decent, a 7/10 from the 1st 5hrs I played. Anyways, here is a short compilation of the worst of the NPC horror lol:
    (I hate to ask this but if you guys can LIKE the video I would greatly appreciate it, only if you did actually like it though. I NEED to make this youtube thing work. Sorry for asking) If you want to share or retweet it go right ahead, we need to (as the Woke would say) “Hold them accountable” lol
    Thanks for your  time.


    And now my excitement died 🤢.

    I am absolutely fucking sick of this bullshit being forced into our video games. Definitely not going to renew my gamepass any time soon that’s for sure.

    Starve them out of an income for a bit 😂. Honest to God, I hate Microsoft for this very reason.


    Wow, this looks hilariously BAD npc-wise😂. Why are they so obsessed with making us women ugly in video games now? I would’ve thought that that was the opposite of empowering🙄. Looks like PS1 graphics😂. I was on ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ on my PS2 today (playing the PS1 version on the PS2). Yes the graphics are horribly outdated but the npcs look SO MUCH BETTER than this🤣


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>@DragonLady did anyone notice how they man faced old female characters?</p>
    Nasty AF. Ass pimples probably have more sex appeal to gamers at this point. I’m literally having an AVGN moment: WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!


      I watched a streamer play this game for a few hours and it seems to me that for some weird reason, in this fantasy world, mostly Asian women work in space and females occupy most of the jobs in the space industry.  It just looks weird but the rest of the game seems pretty good.  It does remind me a lot of The Outer Worlds.


      @Vknid well it seems like a recurring idea in space/sci-fi. Cowboy Bebop’s currency was wulongs and Asian culture pretty much seemed like the dominant influence meaning they had China take over the future with space travel.

      Then you have Firefly, same thing. Lots of people speaking Asian languages and currency being Asian. Lots of ideologues being pushed that China/Asia would take over the world which would lead into the future.

      Something tells me this idea was being pushed in Hollywood and other media for a long time because they firmly have that insider information that the deep state is giving way to the idea that Asian culture would take over America too.

      Cowboy bebop probably didn’t actually have knowledge of that though.

      If you can think of any other sci Fi that examples this, let me know. But yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried pushing this to get us ready for them selling out to China.


        I feel you are over thinking it.  I believe it’s just more about being diverse and inclusive and all that other nonsense so they just put women all over the place.  I think the “Asian” thing is just incidental in this case.

        Most Anime/Manga have mostly Asian folks in them because as we all know those art forms originate in Japan.  So I think it’s just natural they would make their fantasy worlds be similar to what they see around them.  Nothing wrong there that’s normal 100%.

        Now Firefly is a totally different thing and it DOES elude to some of what you are saying which is politically interesting because that came from mega leftist Joss Whedon.  But I am not sure it was diabolical either.  It’s simply a future where the Chinese won and the state seems to have become tyrannical (imagine that) and as such the Firefly crew roams space because the government is again tyrannical.  That’s the entire thing with River.  The state was trying to make a bio-weapon out of her essentially.  So while it does say, “hey look the Chinese won” it simultaneously says “hey look they won and now it sucks”.  That’s my personal interpretation.

        Now let’s be honest, and to your point, if they remade Firefly today (please Lord no) it would still be that China won but it would go on endlessly how awesome that is because the West was so evil and terrible.  The crew of the Firefly (which would be comprised mostly of disabled devoutly atheist trans-lesbian drag queens) would woosh off from planet to planet stomping out the insidious threat of white supremacy (which somehow would still exist).


        lol hold on guys, you know I tackle everything I come across & discuss things with a balanced view.
        YES the NPC characters have been struck with the Fugleration & are hilariously horrifying at times. But the game is still based on the so far almost 10hrs I have played, a decent game. Am I disappointed in some things? YES. But even though so far outside the apparent Woke visual representation, I haven’t encountered any of the typical cringe Millennial dialogue & behavior we see in so many games today like Forespoken, Cyberpunk, Borderlands, Atomic Heart…etc. So far all my encounters have been good. The leader of the faction you first join is a Woman named Sarah & she is not “I’m a whamans first & foremost” non of the other characters are victims of some sort of perceived system based on their “X”
        If you have Gamepass, I recommend playing it for a few hours. Never let others completely dictate how you enjoy your games & what is worth your time.
        If & when I come across the bullshivism of the Woke mind virus I will address it. So far so good.
        But all that being said, there is A LOT to improve on & the Mod community will save us in the end lol. I just uploaded my first impression video, check out the new post & check out the video :)
        Thanks for reading.


          Agreed, the population of space is odd but who cares really?  Game seems good and even at first release appears very polished.  I saw someone crash once within several hours of gameplay and it was the only “bug” I detected.    I want to play it but I am not going to fork over $70 for it.  I will wait for patching and a sale but that’s just me.


          Yeah but I still think there’s drawn conclusions to have most Asians in sci/fi is to push an agenda. Cowboy bebop probably was a genuine creative decision, you’re absolutely right on that.

          Firefly though, I don’t doubt they pushed that idea that China will take over which we clearly see why.


            Clearly GiggaVega is right.  The game NPCs look dumb as hell.  I am not sure if they were pandering so much as saying if people are going to care about it we will make it so obviously stupid it just ends up being a joke.   Either way, game looks cool and I will end up playing it at some point.

            Now, I give Firefly as pass on the China thing because it was 20+ years ago and at the time a version of the future where China wins was a fun thought experiment but probably not political.  Especially since they showed that the government turned out to be tyrannical, controlling and abusive making the entire show a love letter to personal freedom (in my opinion).

            “Take my love, take my land,
            Take me where I cannot stand.
            I don’t care, I’m still free,
            You can’t take the sky from me.”




            Well all the more reason why I say it even though it was 20+ years ago, the deep state has been corrupt far longer than that and with how everything kept moving to Chinese production, people would be working on those conclusions even without knowing and with how long the Hollywood corruption and collusion with deep state politics have been aligned, It would not surprise me that this was eluded to in a show to get us used to the idea.

            But that’s how long I’ve been thinking this was their plan.



              “But that’s how long I’ve been thinking this was their plan.”

              That plan of selling out America which ends up in subverting it is far older than 20yrs.    Functionally that went in motion in 1994 when Bill Clinton signed NAFTA.  It was at that point and after subsequent legislation over the decades that everything got made someplace else so as to take advantage of the slave labor and nonexistent regulation in other countries.  This is a situation that spirals out of control.  Sure, at first your stuff is cheaper.  But then jobs dry up and wages fall so you make less and then you HAVE to buy the cheaper stuff.  Which encourages more cheaper goods and so on.  Add an intentionally porous border and wages are nil as Americans are trying to compete for jobs with slave labor abroad and at home.  The whole $15 wage thing is a joke and is fodder for dingdongs. The minimum wage does not apply to illegals functionally and neither does $15 an hour.  So maybe the 2 Americans at a place get part time work for $15 an hour while all the Mexicans and South Americans with no citizenship get near squat.  ANY TIME an establishment politician says they are doing something out of compassion they are lying and mean the exact opposite.

              Be suspect of anyone offering utopia if you just do as they say, as it is not something anyone can deliver and the offer historically ends up in only enslavement and death.



              • This reply was modified 9 months, 3 weeks ago by Vknid.

              Yes, I agree 100% with the “Governmental Compassion” from @Vknid. There is no such thing as compassion in politics. Trump kind of comes close but it’s not compassion it’s making sure his country is on top. When the government says Compassion they mean to manipulate the emotional in our society. They are the easiest as we have seen to manipulate. Keep in mind, there are Emotionally driven people on all sides & they use them to further fuel the fires, we saw this recently with Heels VS Babyface. What an incredibly stupid move to lose control of your emotions & scream like some snowflake over PRONOUNS in a game.
              Everything he said was valid & we all feel the same but imagine if he just spoke the words instead of going over the top. We make  fun of them for acting like that. Agree or disagree that is how I saw his behavior lol, man.


              Can’t spell Spaz without the Az. Everyone has a POV. When Punk rock rebelled against authority, they screamed and they yelled. I find too many people are in a daze like zombies, numb and sleepwalking into going with the flow that is against their nature. I admire some of the radical men of action who really resist the conditioning and break the conditioning. This grooming by BlackRock, Larry Fink and ESG and DEI and Disney to get kids to accept constant states of kink is wrong to real men.

              It is more in our nature to be reserved and to “keep calm and carry on,” but it gets to the point where you have simply been conditioned to stand down instead of stand up for yourselves and your people. Clearly, Az’s point was not only made but went viral and Az has some excellent enemies like Hasan, the rich prissy boy who takes Katzenberg money and ducks fights with Sam Hyde after posing as some kind of fighter or fitness model online.

              Even the name Starfield, was hacked from a Christian band. I liked one song of theirs called Filled With Your Glory.

              Everyone has their own opinion though, and I really do like GiggaVega’s channel and videos:

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