Stop Brainwashing Kids!!

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      You can’t stop racism by promoting racism.

      You can’t ask for unity by causing division.

      You can’t have peace if all you offer is hate.


      This is why if I ever have kids, they are never going to public school. And I’m not even white (besides skin color of course).


      I don’t think people that are not white want special treatment.  This is creating a very awkward environment in schools and working places, where people gotta give special treatment to “special” people.

      The ideal thing would be everyone treated as equal. But they’re promoting special treatment for some, that will make most people uncomfortable with all the fake behaviors…
      what a crazy world.


        The idea is not to solve racism at all. It is simply to foster division through racial differences. They want us all fighting against each other so they can do what they please.


        The things with kids is tough. Very tough. Trust me when I say it does not only come in through public school. In comes in through friends, TV, YouTube, social media etc. The entire progressive movement is like a virus that is super contagious. Especially to a confused young person looking to define self and searching for something to latch on to.

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        All I saw was a group of kids having much needed fun in the wake of England winning!

        I can remember when it was one of the World Cups back in the 2000’s (I can’t remember when lol) and spent the entire lesson (can’t remember which) that time in secondary school designing England flags. It was a bit of fun to celebrate the World Cup and even though I’m not exactly interested in sports, I had fun too!


        America is called the UNITED States, yet they’re trying to divide us.

        We learned in history how people used to be divided by race until the Civil Rights Acts in the 60s. It was racist then and it’s racist now.


        By ignoring history and not teaching its lessons, it is doomed to be repeated.

        The toxic alt-left has infiltrated the media, entertainment, government, and the education system.

        They saw how the Nazis and Soviets were able to promote their propaganda, and the earlier they got to the people, the easier it was to brainwash them into believing their idiology.

        The CCP is a prime example of that, and now the demented alt-left are doing that exact same thing.

        Spreading their hate and racism and calling it “progression” when in fact it is REGRESSION!



        I see lots of people tip-toeing around what CRT is really about. It’s anti-white racism. That’s all it is. It’s meant to make white kids feel ashamed of themselves and their history while at the same time fostering resentment in non-white children. The endgame in mind is similar to how the CCP eventually seized power over the Republic of China: Decades of grooming the next generation into hating their elders and their ancestry that when Mao called for revolution he was able to do so easily and swiftly: Years of humiliation rituals, destruction of historical monuments and out-right murder of anyone deemed “upper-class” (we’re not just talking about nobility but also anyone who made a decent living; teachers, doctors, etc). All making the summer riots of 2020 look rather cute by comparison. In less than a decade the CCP had taken over China completely and had profoundly changed the country.

        If more isn’t done to fight back against it expect something similar to occur in roughly a decade and half once these kids are of age, it’s just going to be along racial lines, instead: They’re going to see themselves as justified in doing it when they’re taught all their life that whites hate them by default and will always oppress them by virtue of their existence. Funny, you see so many Millennials LARPing how they’ll carry out a Communist revolution one day, when it’s more likely it’ll be their own children who will force them to their knees and and shoot them in the back of their fucking stupid heads for not being dedicated enough.

        Screenshot 2021-07-09 at 23-29-38 Matt Walsh on Twitter

        Sad state of affairs we’re living in when a dissident liberal can simply name the problem for what it is when mainstream conservatives are complete jellyfish who can’t even defend their main voting base.


        Made by a fellow weeb nationalist, think it’s worth sharing:




        ^ (Can’t seem to find this again on YouTube, wouldn’t be surprised if it got taken down).



        They’re saying if you are responsible, law-abiding citizen who contributes to a productive society then you are “acting white” and are “complicit in whiteness” unless you are basically doing the opposite of all of that. Non-whites who have long assimilated into western society obviously won’t buy this garbage, but illegal immigrants from the third world pouring into western countries by the millions are another matter: They want to give them free license to continue acting like violent savages.

        Can we just say “mask fucking off”?





        Someone might ask, “Most of the people promoting this are white themselves. Why on Earth would they promote an ideology that is so obviously detrimental to their own self-interest?”

        The only answer is that they’re insane. No, really. They quite literally are:


        White leftists are seriously the only demographic that hate their own race. Browse twitter long enough and you’ll see them celebrate white deaths while seething and spitting at the image of a married white woman having, like, seven children. It’s unreal.


        And the latest threat, or threatening promise, that they intend to continue the brainwashing: the SF Gay Mens Choir singing that they will “convert your children”.

        Btw the link is to a Babylon Bee video, because I think the original video is now much more difficult to find.

        Check Out This HATEFUL Right-Wing Satire Of The Gay Community

        Remember, it’s the Bee, so even the title is a part of the satire.


          Attack On Titan shows us what will happen if we let the mentality of CRT to prevail, let’s learn from Attack On Titan’s history and not make the same mistakes, ok?

          He obayed his master’s command and gladly shamed his own ancestry, much like he was their dog

          – Grisha Yeager

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