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    Longman good you massives. Slice and dice and may The Don be with you!

    Mr. Roy

      This is good rat!


      Is that supposed to be Alfred?


      Blessed by Tonald and Fred!


      A long time ago in a intellectual fanatical universe. Lord Tonald of house Samouri blessed the fanatical universe with life. At first everything was at peace then came the dark times. Lord Tonald had made an error in his quest to create life. A bunch of Massive F***** came from out of the woodwork. To KOMBAT these massives Lord Tonald made a new lifeform, One called L O N G M E N. These longmen would serve as the first line of defense to hold off Massive F****** from entering the gates of house Samouri.


      By Goliath its true…all of it.


      Wait someone is not subscribed to Mauler ? no, no, it’s not true, that’s impossible !

    Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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