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    So here’s a list of the announced cast:

    What do you guys think on the animated film? From what I’ve heard it looks and sounds good and I’ll be more than happy to watch it when it comes out. Also, what’s the betting that Twatter isn’t complaining about Chris because he isn’t Italian…


    It is not that Chris Pratt is not Italian, but the fact he is a Christian.




    I think Chris should’ve been Luigi and Jack Black should’ve been Mario. Can’t really see Jack playing Bowser.


    Someone said in comments that Ryan was in the Navy. Didn’t know that. It’s always cool to follow someone for like a year and find out something new about them. Also, whether it’s Mario or Zelda, it’s truly impressive that these characters have endured since almost the beginning of video games, or at least, home video game systems.


    I figured there’d be some memes mashing-up Chris as Mario with ‘Jurassic World’ LOL! I hope that no-one is going to be evolved from dinosaurs this time round. Plus I think if Nintendo thought that it was going to be a bad film they wouldn’t have given the Mario IP to a Western company. Especially after the last time America tried to do a Super Mario Bros film. From what I heard, Nintendo didn’t trust the West again with their IP’s after that.


    Seems to me Nintendo are making this because of the unexpected success of the Sonic movie. Who knows, could be actually good. I just wish they could’ve used veteran voice actors instead (like, I dunno, Frank Welker. He’d probably do a good Bowser). Of course they have to plaster celebrity names on it because they have to get normies to see it.

    Comic book movies are becoming an old hat. I wouldn’t surprised if we started seeing a wave of good video game movies, and it would all be thanks to a talking blue hedgehog.


      I think the movie has potential, Chris Pratt did an exelent job voice acting in Onward and Lego Movie, the only thing i’m not 100% sure about is i’ve never heard Pratt try and do accents, Mario doesn’t have to be played by an Italian (fuck that SJW logic), but he does need an italian accent

      I also really like Anya Taylor-Joy, so can’t wait to see how she’ll play Peach 😸



      I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never seen ‘The LEGO Movie’ although I’ve seen the ‘LEGO Batman’ film which was decent. Loved the Iron Man joke in it though LOL! And yeah Mario shouldn’t have to have an accent. No-one ever complained when he had an American accent on the live action version.



        I watched LEGO Batman at the cinema, pretty sure all anyone in there could hear was me laughing hysterically 🤣🤣🤣 The LEGO Movie is fun too

        Haven’t watched live action Mario movie yet, but i am curious to see how it is


        Really hope they did NOT reward race card behavior. That guy always sucked from the very beginning. Why would anyone let such a pissant bully them? You would think if he pulled that stunt with Hollywood, that they would go out and recruit someone else just to trigger him more. Go get like Carlos Mencia or the kid from Cobra Kai named Xolo Maridueña, although it seems like all of them play the card to a certain extent. Michael Peña could be another consideration. Would you be able to work with someone like Leguizamo if he was making racial comments like all the time? That’s another thing, if you failed the first time, why would you get a sequel to the same project? Go try something else and nail that role instead.

        Former Luigi actor BEGS for a job! Then BULLIES his way into Super Mario Movie cast!

        YellowFlash 2

        Cast members of the failed old Super Mario movie are commenting on the new new upcoming 2022 Mario Movie. It sounds like they’re a little jealous of Chris Pratt and his co stars!


        They’re probably annoyed that this one is going to do MUCH better than the live-action version. I wonder what Bob Hoskins and Denis Hooper would’ve said if they were still alive. Probably wouldn’t have cared much they wouldn’t.


        The live-action version wasn’t too bad but it could’ve been better. At least they were trying to be creative at the time which is more than I can say for a vast majority of films now.


        On the topic of an animated Nintendo movie, what about an animated Metriod movie that was similar to Ghost in the Shell and make it for grown ups and have plenty of scenes of Samus being both badass in the suit and extremely sexy out of her suit?

        With Jennifer Hale voicing Samus and the guys who did Castlevania doing the animation and no wokeness.


        I would have live action and not some cartoon.

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