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    Kinda surprised not to see a thread on this already, the trailer piqued my interest, which is a rare thing.

    I’d have have to see a little more but I’m probably going to go see it. Looks pretty darn good.


    Animation looks gorgeous. I’m not familiar with Illumination Studios but my younger sister loves the Minions films so I’ve faith that this is going to be good…despite Chris’ accent. I’ll need to hear more of his performance before jumping to conclusions. Jack Black sounds brilliant as Bowser though.

    I’m ashamed to say that I watched the 1993 live action Mario film (again) yesterday morning because of this coming out😅. Unlike the current string of Disney live-action remakes at least that had tried tried to be fun.


      I think this looks fun.  And if it is, what more could you ask from an animated movie about Mario?


      Yeah, the animation looks great. Not a fan of the games so all the controversy about the inappropriate voice casting of a couple characters isn’t a big deal.

      Though I do agree with the die-hards that Chris Pratt could have at least feigned an Italian accent to make things more authentic.



        Let’s be honest.  If he tried an Italian accent they would have accused him of cultural appropriation or something equally silly.  I am sure there is already garbage floating in the toilet that is Twitter about Mario being a white male or whatever.


        @DragonLady No shame, I admit to sort of liking the 1993 film unironically as well. I mean, no, it’s not a good film, by any means. It’s an indefensible mess with an incomprehensible plot. But I don’t find it painful to watch. It’s just bizarre. Enjoyable in a sort of “so-bad-it’s-good” sort of way.

        Twenty-five years before the “Return to Monke” meme was even a thing. This movie was quite literally ahead of the curve.



          I have that movie.  Sure it’s a “B” movie at best.  But I like it.  But then again I tend to like films critics hate so.


          I can understand people getting worried about Peach on this but I don’t think people should be that concerned. I loved what I was seeing (Princess Peach fan here😍) on the trailer. She’s been able to stand on her own two feet a couple of times on the games including her own game (which is quite good). After what happened with the 1993 live action version of Mario, I think Nintendo are more cautious this time round about trusting American studios with their IPs. I don’t think they would’ve allowed Illumination anywhere near Mario if Nintendo didn’t think that they weren’t going to mess him up. Plus I’ve heard nothing but mostly good things about Illumination’s films so I’ve got high hopes for this.


            I’ll wait until I can see it at home. This is not a theatre movie for me.


            In Jeremy’s reaction video it wasn’t so much Peach’s assertiveness as it was Mario’s apparent ineptness that he (and others) seemed to have a problem with.

            There isn’t enough in the trailer to judge. So long as they remain faithful to the characters everything should be fine.

            The animation in this looks just as good as the first.

          Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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