Supergirl Debuts a New Costume

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    Kara Zor El’s costumes throughout the years, ranging from her various comic iterations to her 1984 film and recent television series, have typically all incorporated short skirts or leotards. For a period in the 1970s and ’80s, she even alternated between wearing hot pants and a headband. Her outfit in Dark Crisis, however, is a full-body suit with a high collar, a golden waist girdle and stylized lines along the torso, legs and boots.



    The dimensions/scaling on this is horrible.

    And the over all look is BAD.

    Looking at some of her past looks…





    The “new” look is a step backwards.






    Not a Superman or Supergirl fan but that new “look” is just horrible🤮! Why is she not wearing a mini skirt???


    Why is she not wearing a mini skirt???

    Because this woke-tards don’t like feminine look, be it a skirt, dress mini-skirt, etc.

    Flat chested (can’t have breasts).

    Short hair (can’t have a feminine looking long hair either).

    Can’t show any “skin”, hence the full body suit/neck line.

    And a cape that can cover her full body (hide any hint of a feminine form).


    Once again, the people in control of comics HATE comics, their legacy, their stories, etc.




    This is one of my favorite comic.


    While I enjoy both Supergirl as well as Power Girl, this de-feminizing/making anything feminine “ugly” is disgusting.

    As well as having “writers” that instead of creating a story based off the character, they have to “self insert” themselves as the character(s)

    They can’t write as the character, but can only write themselves AS the character(s).  Which shows they have ZERO stills as a writer of fiction.


      Feminism has come full circle and it is now eating it’s own tail.

      It went from equality, to men are bad to we must be men.

      Decades ago this was appropriately called “penis envy”.

      To make a woman like a man and a man like a woman is to hurt both groups and to disempower both and make them miserable.

      This started in the 90s.  They set men and women against each other, it was called then “the battle of the sexes”.

    Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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