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    One of my favorite apps (sites) is a money making one called swagbucks. This site has ways of earning points (swagbucks points) from doing surveys, watching videos, to buying gift cards (getting cash back), uploading receipts, downloading there trivia game app (swagbucks live), buying from there sponsors, to my favorite sports betting through gambit.

    To start sports betting go to the discover and search for gambit and register an account. There you bet on any sports to even e games. To buy the tokens to bet click from the gambit site to get more tokens and when it transfer you to swagbucks go to rewards and look for gambit  gift cards.

    Please use my referral and if you get 300 points ($3) in 30 days by using my referral code, you’ll get an additional 300 points. Invite your friends and family and you’ll gain a +10% of all their earning (10sb gets you 1sb). If they get 300sb in 30 days you’ll also get a +300sb as well. What a great way to not only get some extra cash or gift cards to your favorite name brand stores but also pay for the premium of geeks and gamers site. Please join today and use my referral code


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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