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    Anyone here collect swords or display weapons?


    Does making Knives count :)
    Havent done a sword in years, but some call my Arkansas Toothpick a sword.


    In my dreams, I have a vast collection of swords from all over the galaxy second only to Deadpool’s weapon collection

    In reality, I have a toy light saber, a plastic samurai sword, and a couple of rulers I brought to battle in middle school 😂😂


    I have a 34″ wall hanger behind me. Fucking edges were not even ground in; just 1/16″ of flat steel along the sides. Also since it wasnt ground right it weigs more than 5# for a blade that should weigh less than 3.

    Also have a 40″ that was made close to correct. The crossguard is a bit sloppy which is the only defect. that one has a nice hand made wooden scabard the ex father in law made for it with a sword belt.


    Ok, Here are Four of mine, 3 in my collectors case :)









    @Krista Novva not a sword exactly but does……..THE DRAGON DAGGER count as a sword


    And No I haven’t figured out how to summon the Dragonzord Yet? But when I do……Dragonzord is gonna chase some SJWs around while the Bulk and Skull music play in the background lol 😂😀


    I have a life size steel replica of Sephiroth’s Muramasa, next to a silly mall knockoff display sword

    That’s all I am willing to share




    I want this. If only I had unlimited money. $650 is a lot for a display piece.



    I once had the opportunity to buy this. I was on vacation at the time, and had NO idea how to get it home.

    I had the damn thing IN MY HAND! I am still kicking myself for it. Its not a perfect replica, but it was life size. Very heavy.



    Swords you ask?  I have a few.

    Maybe a couple display models.  But most of what I have are carbon steel weapons.  Not sure if you want me to list them?  I could if you like.

    AISI 5160 carbon steel for the longsword, bastard swords and most standard European swords.

    AISI 10xx carbon steel for my Japanese style swords.  A bigger fan of the European swords, as that is what I grew up around and have the most experience with.

    My father was a black smith by trade.  So growing up around that I tended to gather a few swords over the years.

    Here is one pile.

    Sword collection some




    Do lightsabers count?



    The people I know who do are into the Japanese style of sword. I like the rapier and others. Seen some footage on youtube of a guy with rapier and dagger, the two weapons and his tactics were fascinating. Top skill. I’m into Dune a lot. The Fremen all have knives. Blades are just so cool.

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