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    Anyone play SWTOR? if so comment user and lets rule the galaxy!


    I like SWTOR. Even though it’s gameplay may not be the greatest by MMO standards, it is still, to this day, an ever-expanding piece of EU lore.

    I’ve been on and off SWTOR for the past few years, but I’m still a subscriber, because I think it’s important that the game stay alive.

    In my opinion, anyone who wants the EU to continue should support this game.


    I was in on SWTOR when it launched. Got bored in 2014 and moved on to other games. Came back earlier this year and had fun for 3 months til just before my time card ran out. My guild has once more shelved it until more content is released, but it is still a fun game if you are playing with others.


    Just to understand how much effort I put into the game, my character stable stands at 22 atm. Every class save my Sniper and Bounty Hunter are at level cap. I love every class in the game. Depending on my mood, they are all fun to play, and each and every one of my characters is distinct in design and attitude.


    But in the end…my Watchman Sentinel is still a god. It is so imprinted on my mind, every other MMO I ever play I always lament not having my Force Leap…even though with the current builds they took away my point blank Force Leap…assholes :P

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    I use to play it around 2011, bought the collector’s edition which I do not regret at all. Though I’m a veteran of Star Wars Galaxies, which I felt and continue to feel to be the “lost” MMO of the early 00’s. It was such a great MMO on top of it being truly faithful to the Star Wars franchise.


    I would summarize this game as a walking simulator with samey chores in between. The environments are vast with an unbelievable amount of empty, underutilized space with zero interactivity, and lots of running around and back tracking. a far cry from the more contained and interactive environments of KOTOR 1 and 2, where you could break in houses, and find alternative solutions to a problem. I don’t like MMOs of this sort anyway, but I decided to push through it because I was told that at least some of the stories are pretty good. I couldn’t get into any of them either. In an MMO such as this, getting to see all the other players doing the story too is kind of immersion breaking. Not to mention that the world around you does not change with the story.

    NPC: Congrats. You eliminated all the enemies and freed the city! We won!

    City: Battle still raging on.

    That sort of thing. Besides that, it showers you with mechanics and UI elements that sometimes can take the whole screen. No I usually Don’t complain about UI if the rest of the game offers enjoyment, but in this game it sticks out like a sore thumb.


    I tried a bit, but didn’t hook me, maybe I’ll try again now that they’ve added lots of stuff, my problem is mostly lack of time


    Play it off and on good game might check if anything change in it or loose interest after i see all the updates I need to install O_O


    Don’t know when you played it but it definitely is faster and easier whit every new update


    I subscribed for about a year or two and then stopped when my son was born. Just went back to it earlier this year.


    I stopped playing it, got bored. Seems you had to pay a lot of money to get upgrades rather than do it by merit, it turned me off. I appreciated some of the EU lore and places to travel though, but it wasnt for me.


      I have not played in years. Was thinking of playing again just for the heck of it.


      I also quite liked the game – quite nice to solo, too, which is what I mostly do in MMOs anyway.
      The story is way above your MMO average.

      What I didn’t like was the lack of different classes and builds.


      Played it when it first came out too. Played for years. Dropped it years ago. Enjoyed it for what it was. Not really interested in going back. Did have a lot of fun characters though. Shrek jumps to mind. One of those green aliens with the face tattoos. Turned him into a soldier, lol.


      I play it kind of recently the most I’ve been doing is buying crates off the gtn and then reselling stuff and keeping stuff I like had to make like 9 toons just to have room to sell all the stuff. But I’m on Satele server I’ve got toon on SF too but really just play on Satele. Lafeekk on Imperial side is the toon I’m on the most but I’ve got alot more toons to play if you still play hit me up I would do some stuff. Normally I just do my own thing with a friend or two cause my grandfather has bad Alzheimers and I tend to have to afk alot so I don’t usually get into stuff that I can’t ninja afk if I have to.

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