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      Styx is awesome.  I watch him daily.


      The scary thing about this Target stuff is this is not an isolated case.  Many large corporations are playing this game.  Why?  The whole ESG scores makes it financially in their best interest to do so.  The WEF types are pushing this down from the top and it’s not new.  This stuff has been going on unimpeded for decades.  And they got to the point where they started making their final pushes and then people began to wise up and resist.  So now, on the verge of success, they are being forceful about it.  And if you don’t think that could end up with a goverment boot on your neck you are very wrong.


        I am sure we can all agree that there are folks who believe in this stuff and whom are now upset with Target for not supporting it more.   Because just like the Bud Light thing it’s not enough to not just support the ideology you MUST openly bow before it and on behalf of the mob strike out at anyway whom is against it.

        Here is one such example of an insane Hollywood “monster” whom is stating she can no longer bring her “non-binary” 7yr old (that’s not a type-o, yes 7yr old) to Target anymore because they moved the “Pride” merchandise to the back and refers to those whom would oppose it as “terrorists”.

        So in essence her point is, if you are not willing to sexualize children (as she herself does to her own kids) you are trying to erase gay people.

        It’s not that they are coming for our children, it’s that they are demanding a right to access them and will attack and threaten you if you don’t submit to that demand.



        I am sure we can all agree that there are folks who believe in this stuff and whom are now upset … for not supporting it more.

        The nazi party felt the same way, as did the Soviets when they came into power (and the CCP too).

        You are either for us, or we will literally CANCEL you, your life, your family, etc.

        That is exactly what these lunatic extremely toxic far alt-left want.


          Let’s understand the point at which all this nonsense is at.

          This radical faction which knocked on our doors requesting acceptance (and people acquiesced) is now kicking down your door and not even demanding you accept them, they are TELLING you that you will support their agenda and ALL of it or you will be attacked.

          Pay attention to the multiple avenues this is happening on:

          – social media censorship

          – banking

          – threats to your job

          – personal attacks

          And now a lot of this is backed by the federal government.  Disagree openly with the agenda from any place of power and you will have the IRS and DOJ so far up your butt you will taste their boot leather.

          If society lets this continue on without stopping, it will only accelerate and get much worse.  Giving into the demands does not make it stop, it only encourages more.



          Well I just heard from Mark Dice that Harley Davidson is now teaming up with Budweiser lol.
          I want to see the reaction of Hell’s Angels.
          Hell’s Angels ride exclusively Harleys & these guys aren’t exactly known for being Prideful lol

          So, I made  a prediction a little while ago & I feel it might now actually come true. You guys know that Hell’s Angels have a chapter dedicated to Abused Children. They are in their lives making sure nobody else harms them & they have even been known to escort the kids to court hearings & stuff. I did apply to join that chapter, but no response, obviously.
          It’s a little known fact that Hell’s are also called in to clean up big messes for the police & other agencies. They cleaned up a local gang in a neighborhood I grew up in, called The Rock Machine. They were trafficking under age prostitutes, because back then the age of consent was 14 (disgusting) in Canada. In Quebec, the leader of Hell’s Angels was/is Mom Boucher. I met him on a couple of occasion through a friend of the family. It was surreal. Bikers everywhere, tough Mofos but surprisingly good natured (until they aren’t) there are a LOT of rules & moral standings you have to meet in order to join. The thing I was most shocked to hear casually talked about was the amount of them that relished in beating child molesters. That was a large influence for my own desire to destroy child molesters stems from.
          Anyways, so I heard a rumor that Hell’s were going to buy up the large apartment complex across from where I lived. It had over 100 apartments. Days later, they did move in. But they weren’t in their Harleys, they had cars & they did not cause any trouble. They were cleaning up. Nobody knew who they were, but if you knew, you knew. Within a month, EVERY single Rock Machine member was driven out & or arrested. The 3 apartment fourplexes that were the Whorehouses of the rock machine were ALL cleared out. If you looked hard enough around the city you would see a lot of guys that were of a certain age completely beaten up, severely.
          The neighborhood was cleaned up & a little while later it was revealed in the news that Hell’s Angels came to my neighborhood & had gang warfare with the Rock Machine.
          My friends were shocked that I was right all along. Mom Boucher got in trouble of course but if you saw his interviews he was having a great time, all smiles, He is a Negan.
          So I say all these things because, if you mess with Harley Davidsons, you mess with The  Hell’s Angels. And if you have any shady business with children, well, you are F*cked. There is no cancel culture strong or stupid enough to step to Hell’s Angels, that’s why you never heard the alphabets ever talking smack about their open intolerance, not because they are homophobic, no, nothing to do with that, I am certain there are many gay Hell’s members, they just don’t stand for any stupid sh*+ from anybody, gay or straight. You won’t catch Mom Boucher bringing his kids to Drag Queen story time.
          So if the alphabet decides to mess with Harleys, that will be their last mistake. I know they see this bullsh*+ happening, I  am certain they are trying to figure out what to do, because you can’t just go in a place like the pride parades & start cleaning up, these sick people have Kids  in their events & I am pretty certain they know Hell’s won’t do anything to them if kids are around…but if you keep pushing…
          I really don’t want to be right about this but it might come down to Hell’s cleaning up another out of control situation, like they did with the Hippies & The Rock Machine.


            And now add Kohl’s to the list.

            I think I understand why these companies whom are doing this are caught by surprise.  The reason is because this has been going on slowly for years and only now that they are VERY close to being able to get access to our children is it being challenged.  Every other step came and went with little or no pushback.



            I saw a video of some unknown “celebrity” having a meltdown about how her non-binary child cannot shop at Target because they moved the Pride display.

            These people are either cracked or on crack…perhaps both.



              Yes, her 7 YEAR OLD whom is “non-binary” for goodness sakes.  She claims Target is erasing gay people out of existence because the child trans pride stuff is not in the front.




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