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    Has anyone on here watched this? I’ve watched all three seasons multiple times so far, supported all three seasons financially, and watched almost all the bonus content so far.  Note: hear me out, especially if you are atheist:

    Okay, so it is a TV show about Jesus and The Disciples and the people around them.  However, it is as much better an example of that as Guardians of the Galaxy is a better super hero movie than Elektra.  It’s the most successful crowdfunding show ever now at a total in the tens of millions. The costumes, historical level of detail, and soundtrack are incredible.  It has thousands of extras. It has hundreds of millions of views. The cinematography, character development, and scripts are tighter than anything to come out of Hollywood in some time.

    If you haven’t watched it, even if you’re atheist, give the first episode, at least, a watch. If for nothing else, come and see what is possible with crowdfunding, talent, and an audience. The show is free. The first episode is one hour. Jesus is in, like, 1 minute. You can at least give it that one episode. If you don’t at least like it as a proof of concept for crowdfunding outside Hollywood, I’ll refund your money.



      This show has been in the news recently due to some behind the scenes drama which I am sure detractors will bring up here.  But honestly I do not care for the most part.  No one is perfect but what this show lays bare is the absolute beauty and love that is Jesus Christ.

      I hear lots of folks say, well Jesus was not real because of X or the Bible is false because of Y.  The irony there for me is that EVEN if that were the case, the Bible and the story of Jesus is an example , a manual, of how every person should live their lives and feel for and treat other people.  Many might take that to mean, well everyone and everything should be accepted.  No.  It means every human should have love and compassion for other humans, up to and including telling them hard truths and being honest with them.

      The show REALLY shows this off very well in my opinion.  I find much of it absolutely beautiful to the point of making me tear up and I am not at all a crying person.



      Thanks for this thread. I have never watched it, but went to see Jesus Revolution out of curiosity and enjoyed it. Same actor that is in this series played a street preacher in the movie. I do like that Stargate actor that is in The Chosen. Low-budget stuff impresses me more at this point if the producers can pull off something good on a budget, that is always creative to me. The crowdfunding angle is good, too. It was something I always wondered why more people didn’t do. With crypto and QR codes, I was hoping we’d be further along in micro payments to people and projects we like in life. In my opinion, the 2 best movies this year have been Jesus Revolution and Nefarious, but I admit I have not watched every movie. Very few things peak my interest and it was just random that I went to those movies and they affected me.


        I forgot to mention the first 2 seasons are on Amazon Prime.  I am sure the 3rd will follow.

        #300840 does strike my fancy a bit. It’s just curious to me that any company has the nerve to produce faith films in the environment we live in now. It takes a lot of courage. I like the projects they are working on. I did see His Only Son and it was just ok to me, but I supported it, and will probably go see Sound of Freedom as well. These are only ones I watch casually, as I don’t expect much.

        The thing about Angel Studious is that they are getting into animation and anime? They are working on some great stories. Check this one out:
        “Introducing “Gabriel and the Guardians,” an epic anime-style series inspired by the Torah. Follow a group of angelic heroes as they fight to protect humanity from the forces of darkness with hope, courage, and wisdom.”

        Angel Studios I think has the most upside potential if they can keep overhead and budget low.

        Here’s another one: “Introducing “The Axiom Chronicles,” an animated series for 8-12 year olds that follows one brave teen boy’s fight to free his people from the robots that have enslaved them.”

        Here are two more episodes of The Chosen below and also, they are working on an animation of DAVID? The story of DAVID? I will post that one, too.

        Looks like they are raising money to crowdfund DAVID. This one and Gabriel and the Guardians might be worth supporting if you are sick of Disney and want to give Disney some competition. I think Disney is too corrupt to put out good things anymore. Looks like Angel Studios is going to make movies that I will watch. The potential is there.


        The Wingfeather Saga on Angel (an animated epic series) is already out, and is beautiful and compelling, even for general audiences. I believe they are selling a line of action figures for it too.


        I don’t know much about it, but admire anyone who has the courage to make an effort. It says they are for both the secular and religious viewer. I don’t even see things through the lens of religion as much as just something uplifting and positive and not woke nor corrupted and tainted by BlackRock.

        “Revolutionizing the traditional #Hollywood model through crowdfunded projects that amplify light rather than depravity.”

        The only reason I really follow is because I’m curious about what goes on in the cinematic space. Also, I happen to know some former fans of the Hallmark Channel, so I’d eavesdrop on the shows and conversation. Moral people have that wholesome worldview and they want to see sweet stories without leftards coming in and immediately start blaming people for stuff. Candace Cameron Bure is a perfect example of someone who just wanted to make Christmas movies and the woke mob went after her, but she persisted.

        Also, it’s fun to watch people go after their dreams, and when people take the high road, usually, there is no payoff. It’s not to get rich but to give something of value.

        I’d like to see Angel Studious maybe do something with the Will Wilder series.

        The Wingfeather Saga
        In a fantasy world of wonder and danger, one boy discovers a family secret that may awaken an ancient power or doom them to capture by a nameless evil.

        Jodi Benson was the singer for the original Little Mermaid and she made a song for Wingfeather.
        I admit knowing very little about Wingfeather. Here is the song:


        I only watched the first episode, then I stopped until some time I could get my kids to watch it with me. I know they’ll love it. The fist episode is very strong. Very traditional storytelling, with very strong characters all around in the main family.

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