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      As a Season Pass holder who has gone to a very Busy Amusement park nearing 20 times this year, I can tell you at Opening day maybe 2% wore Diapers on their face…

      Now its maybe 5 to1 0 people a day. And those who are, are in their early 20’s and clearly virtue signalling, even the elderly on electric wheelchairs and O2 Tanks arn’t wearing mask.

      So clearly very few think about it let alone are buying what Gubberment is selling. People have lost all trust and faith in the Government and especially the “Health Agencies” They have been proven wrong time and time again. Yet still keep putting out false numbers, lies and scare tactics.

      These Governments and Agencies, without doubt tried and did succeed in silencing people who were telling the truth and or questioning them.

      So now we have a “new coof variant” coming out, and I have been enjoying the comment sections of the news org’s that have been posting it. They are getting ratioed to hell and gone and clearly the people have had enough of this bullshit.

      No secret My wife is a Teacher, Most my friends are in Law Enforcement, Teachers or medical field. I should be dead by now if the government was right about how deadly and infectious it is. Yet here I sit,

      Around the biggest at risk of contracting and spreading it groups of people.
      If I had it (never tested) it was not enough for me to notice.

      In the words of Ronald and Nancy Reagan
      Nancy “Just say no to drugs” Agree, why put a drug in your system you do not know what it might do to you?
      Ronald “Most Terrifying Words – ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’” Oh how true that has been proven, so why would anyone trust them?


        I really had no choice but to get the jab as I work in a hospital. I waited until the last second to get it and got the J & J one time, which is not a mRNA. I also did not and wont get any booster bullcrap. I did not want the shot and was against it.

        There was a statewide mandate for masks here for good while, so in order to get groceries I had to wear a mask. The DAY that went away my mask came off, I don’t bring it with me anywhere now either. I got into altercations with people (other customers)  in the grocery store over me not having a mask on multi times as well. Not my doing, I like to mind my own business. In a nutshell, I told them where to stick it when they came up and started berating me telling me how to live my life out of nowhere. “You are going to kill me” blah blah blah…but they had a mask on so the drama they created was pointless. They also changed policy in my Hospital at the start of Covid that we have to wear a mask the second we enter the facility. That has not gone away, and probably never will. So I have to wear a mask at work all night.

        I have not, as far as I know, had covid. I haven’t had the flu in 5+ years either. I take Zinc, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and other supplements daily. I know for a fact those help keep the flu away. The proof is in the 5+ years of no flu, working in a hospital.

        Covid is still around at work, most of it coming from the ER, but not much frankly.  I don’t think nor frankly care about Covid. I never really cared about it, I wasn’t worried about it, but was forced to by the Govt and my Employer. My father and step-mom have not got the job and they both had Covid about a year ago. But, they went to a clinic for non jabbed people that gave them a IV Cocktail of antibiotics and vitamins and they were fine in two days.

        Fear is the mindkiller.


          I never want to see another face diaper in my life ever again! The 1% of people who still go around wearing them look like complete idiots

          Haven’t had any altercations post maks mandate lift, but some diaper wearers do cross the street when they come across the maskless 🤣

          As for the flu, stopped jabbing 3 years ago, never even took vitamis or supplements, went a whole year without flu and the last couple of years was just a couple days of constant sneezing and some chills, compare to weeks of soar throat and feever with jab

          My flu remedy now is to just wrap myself in a blanket and binge anime for 2 days

          If the jab works for you fair enough, i hate needles and it never worked for me anyway, it’s called having a choice


          I’m in a ‘At Risk’ category so I had little to no choice but to have both the flu and COVID jabs (I just had my last (hopefully!) COVID jab a couple of weeks ago). I’ve always had very minor side-effects. I would NEVER force anyone to have a jab the way that went on during COVID. It should be a personal choice to anyone. I always thought that it was odd that they were forcing even healthy people to have it or they wouldn’t be able to work.

          As for the face-masks…THANK GOD THAT’S OVER! As one who is part deaf and is a quiet speaker at times, I found this bit VERY hard to get through. Yes I’m still seeing people wear face-nappies on occasions. Even in the car on their own which is stupid! The other week when I went to get my COVID jab there were a lot of people in face-nappies. Obviously I didn’t bring mine with me because I’ve had enough of the damn things. Luckily I’ve not been told off about not wearing one.


             Yes I’m still seeing people wear face-nappies on occasions. Even in the car on their own which is stupid!

            Oh yeah, that beats all levels of stupidity, i have to hold in my laughter every time i see that 🤣🤣🤣


            I never want to see another face diaper in my life ever again! The 1% of people who still go around wearing them look like complete idiots

            then I strongly recommend never going to Asia


              then I strongly recommend never going to Asia

              Ok maybe i was a bit too generic with my statement, i know in asia it’s a custom to wear a face mask when you’re sick, enphasis on WHEN YOU’RE SICK!!

              I have no problem with someone who has a flu but has no choice but to go out wearing a mask to not get flu snot everywear, i have no problem with a dentist or surgeon wearing a mask not to accidently get spit in your mouth or organs, what i’m sick of seeing is complete imbecilles who go around wearing a face diaper as if it’s a fucking trophy and acting all holier than thou, same thing with the jab, if you want to get it, that is your personal choice, fine, but if i hear some ass-hat boasting about being quadruple jabbed and bitching about non-jabbed people being murderers, yes i’m gonna assume that persron is a snobbish elitist idiot with half a rotton braincell

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