The dumbest “gaming” accessory ever

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      I have seen many things with the label “gaming” slapped on it so that the price can get hiked up.  But this takes the cake.


      Gonna disagree, at least this is useful. While it shouldnt be considered a “gaming accessory”  I want you to look up: NES speedboard. “Puts the speed at your fingertips.” Most useless piece of place ever made.

      It’s entire purpose is immediately rendered useless by simply putting the controller on the floor and if you don’t want it to slip around the floor, you can easily use a plastic wrap and tape to keep steady.

      But more to the fact that no one in their right mind plays by fingertips



        Well if that’s the logic we go by then this “gaming sofa” is still the dumbest gaming accessory ever because you can just any other chair ever made.


        I’d argue and say that it was the 3D feature for the 3DS that would be considered a DUMB gaming accessory. Never even used it for my 3DS.


          Well I mean if we are going to full on crazy arse accessory, especially in the realm of chairs, I present to you “The Giant Scorpion”.

          this giant scorpion gaming chair is a zero-gravity computer workstation that cocoons you


          Well let me clarify, you can always sit on a couch or chair to play video games. What’s the benefit of a speedboard? Nothing! It’s literally plastic! Lol


            Says you!  It was endorsed by NASCAR and Kyle Petty! :P


            Oooh, good point 😂.


            Let me be clear: you can always play video games while sitting on a couch or on a chair. What is a speedboard’s advantage? Nothing! It is truly made of plastic! Lol

            but you guys interested in WoW then must visit Wotlk Private Server.

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              Well if a chair can be a gaming chair.  Then a hunk of plastic can be a “gaming accessory”.  :P

              In all fairness to that device, there are many specialty tools people use that are simple formed plastic. I have a set of tools for opening laptops and phones.  Most of them are simply just a formed piece of plastic.  Actually, really, just a simple plastic wedge.  One could argue that the speedboard is more specialized than a simple plastic wedge.  Now as to which is more useful, clearly that is a little different.


              @progamee I am on WoW, but I only did WotLK server for the exclusive protodrake mount and I’m waiting for tye anniversary to come up to get that death Wing mount variant.

              I’m not saying that labeling something as a “gaming accessory” is valid, BUT can you use it for gaming with purpose as opposed to the speedboard which completely pointless in terms of usability when you have thumbs?

              I mean today we could 3D these things for $2 at most and it’s usability is rendered pointless when you have duct tape or even basic carpentry skills.

              A couch for sitting in front of your TV and console is far more usable but it’s not exactly an actual gaming accessory, it’s just furniture marketed as gaming accessories


              Heck, even sticky tack to the back of an NES controller is cheaper than a hunk of plastic.



                What an ableist!  What about people who play with their feet?

                Joking aside that might be the one use for it :P


                @Vknid lmfao bruh loved that joke, but if you every Watch ‘No Game No Life’s real gamers play with feet and hands 😂

                Ive actually done this before too! Diablo 3 on the Xbox. 2 players, 2 hands and 2 feet, all fun.



                  Sure, but maybe the speedboard would enhance the foot playing style :)

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