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    The era of the Live-Action Anime Adaptations has begun and what we’ll get from is failed attempts.

    Do yourselves a favor, get your friends, family, favorite youtubers, and favorite podcasters some anime before it’s too late. We can’t


    Well, Japan has been doing live adaptations of its anime and manga for a long time now and most of them are bad. Maybe some slice of life or romantic ones are decent. They just didnt put any agenda in them. Just because something is not woke, it doesnt mean its good. Attack on Titan live action movies seemed to be terrible just by the trailers for example, I didnt watch it and it didnt ruin either manga or anime. Netflix is just doing “cash grabs”, they choose something popular and make it a series just to put some new content to keep number of subscribers or add more no matter the quality, because people gonna watch just for name sake. We know they dont care how much views it gets and love all the buzz whether its good or negative. There is not much we can do, at this point just ignore it like japanese live action adaptations, I dont see much buzz about those.


    The Netflix effect is killing a big part of the entertainment industry, fast food entertainment. Quantity over quality. They’ll end up remaking everything and then start making remakes of remakes… and the dumb sheep idiots will keep eating because they already have their brain fucked up, they’re blind.

    i mean, netflix has some cool shit, but it’s like 1 decent show in 500…. no joke. I like Mindhunter (they fucked up the last season thou, got woke)… Stranger Things also got fucked up in the last season… cant think about others, im sure there are, but still… 1 in 500.


    Can’t wait for them just to use the name of the show and just shove anything into it. Lol.

    They are gonna ruin shows but it’s fine cause of da messege as the sjws say.


    Also, I think is as the same thing what Disney does to their classic animated films. They remake them as live action because a lot of people consider them more “legitimate” than cartoons (there are other reasons of course) and more likely gonna watch it. Anime is never gonna be big as movies is because they will be always looked at as silly cartoons by majority of the world. Heck, comics still are not taken seriously by many. Nobody wants to get shamed or made fun of for watching them in general. Saying that you watched Alladdin live action movie is less embarrassing than saying u liked the animated one, haha, especially if u are an adult. Of course its all ridiculous, but thats just how it is (or maybe its just from where I am from lol).




    I’m probably going off topic a little here but…back in the 80’s and 90’s there were a lot of animated series to big live action films. Some of them ended up better than the film they were based on. As a kid, I can remember enjoying the Men In Black cartoon more than the films even though I liked the films too. I’ve just started watching the Godzilla animated series spin-off from the 1998 film and even though I like the 1998 ‘Godzilla’ film, I admit that I’m enjoying the series more and it feels more like Godzilla than the film did lol. Having said that, it was also done by the same studio that did the Men In Black cartoon so that’s probably why I’m enjoying it!



    Yes, a lot of animated stuff is better than live action like disney animated films but if somebody didnt grew up on those then it would be harder for them to get into all animated stuff later in life (like now). And thats the majority. There was kinda like a marvel animated universe back then but it wasnt as big as MCU now. It was popular, but it never hit that big like MCU. Well, those were tv shows, but even if they were animated movies they still would do bad. DC still do their animated movies and I hear many of them are good, but does anybody talk about them? No really, everybody talks about upcoming new live action Batman, Aquaman, Spider-man etc. In Japan anime as far as I know is always around everywhere so anime does well there, but in the rest of the world it doesnt. Very rarely like Dragon ball Super Broly does good, but thats more like an exception.


    @Sajjux I understand what you mean. I actually made a topic talking about the pros and cons of animations and live action. Since the cons I mentioned for animation would be what you are talking about. The Stigma towards animations

    The pros and cons of animation and live action


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