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      I nearly didn’t recognise Ezra when he had introduced the Flash trailer until he started speaking😂. Looks good but I’m no Flash fan. I’ll just be watching this because of Keaton’s Bats but I’ve been hearing unsettling rumours about it being more of a Supergirl film despite it being a FLASH film😑


        I have always loved the Flash. But I am quite certain this will be woke garbage. Since the radical left is seeing push back and many folks are waking up (and they know this). The propaganda machines are turned up as high as they can go. There is NO WAY this is not propaganda.


          but I’ve been hearing unsettling rumours about it being more of a Supergirl film despite it being a FLASH film😑

          Oh god, please no 😫 Supergirl already looks much better in the trailer than in the set photos that came out a few months ago, if they really want Flash and Supergirl to be a success then use The Flash to introduce her character, stop using her for SJW propaganda, and just let her do her job, if she does it well she’ll win the audience over and then she can get her own movie

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          As people are saying this is gonna be a “FLASHPOINT’ story, what universes are they going to do away with?  What are they keeping?

          If they get rid of Erza, then that is a PLUS.

          The CW already did a version of “Crisis”.

          All I see is this movie is gotta make the DCEU even more convoluted than it currently is.


          I’ve given up on the DCEU once I heard the Snyderverse isn’t going to be a thing.




          I say Warner does the smart thing and uses Flashpoint to erase Ezra Miller and replaces him with Grant Gustin as the Flash. I think most people prefer Grant over Ezra, also Grant deserves to be in a better Flash project as the CW Flash is just dying these days with wokeness.



          Considering how often DC Comics has used The Flash (and its SpeedForce powers) to re-set the DCU, we know they have to do something with the DCEU.



          I was outraged when I heard about this last night. I’m no Superman fan but what DC is doing to him and Henry Cavil is beyond a joke. I used to think WB had more balls than Disney because they weren’t afraid to do dark stuff with their films, especially their comic book films. The only film from DC I’m looking forward to is ‘The Batman’. I’ve no interest in anything else. Same with Disney’s MCU films.

          “What happened? Did your balls drop off?”- The Joker, ‘The Dark Knight’.




          He does make some good points as to why it makes no sense to remove Cavill’s Superman. Back in the day, I would’ve kept an open mind about stuff like this but sadly, it’s becoming harder and harder to ignore. Yes I would like to see more female superheroes and female superhero films in general…but not like this. Not to the point where male characters are clearly getting removed because of the fact that they’re men.


          Hollywood Pu**y Threatens To Kill Imaginary KKK Members on Instagram

          Salty Cracker


          3 months away.

          Is anyone excited, or has apathy for the DCEU/DCU/DCEntertainment/DCStudios/DC-whatever it is called now?


          On last night’s FNT Gary revealed this movie needs to make one billion to break even (given all the re-shoots and whatnot).

          Good luck with that…

        Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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