The Konami Code lives on…in Fisher-Price

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      You read the title of this post correctly. Someone at Fisher-Price is familiar with the Konami code as it was programmed into their toy game controller. I saw a video on Facebook and at first I didn’t think it was real, but then I pulled out my son’s toy controller and gave it a try and sure enough, when you input the code a little sound byte that is reminiscent of the 8-bit and 16-bit era of gaming plays. I made a short video and uploaded it to YouTube in case anyone was interested in seeing it.

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      Your video sucks. :(

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        Can you elaborate as to why my video sucks?

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          Have you watched it?

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            Of course I watched it, it’s my video. I made it yesterday evening. I heard about this neat little Easter egg in my son’s toy and wanted to share it with others.

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